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New Faculty 2002

A Sample of the Nearly 100 New Faculty Members Who Joined Duke This Year

Negar Mottahedeh

Message from the Provost

Cultural close-up
Negar Mottahedeh views her native Iran through its film and literature

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Philip Benfey: Philip Benfey's Research goes to the Roots of Biology

April Brown: Homecoming For Pratt School's New Electrical And Computer Engineering Head

Wes Cohen: Fuqua Professor Maps Technological Change

Sharron Docherty: The Director of the New Pediatric Acute/Chronic Care Nurse Practitioner Program at the School of Nursing

Peter Euben: J. Peter Euben Named Kenan Distinguished Faculty Fellow in Ethics

Elizabeth Fenn: Scholar Trades Wrenches For Writing


Christina Gibson: A Career Changed By A Child

Deborah Thomas and John Jackson: A Meeting Of Art And Scholarship

David Marcozzi: Where There's A Disaster, Dr. David Marcozzi Is There

Joost Pauwelyn: Making Sense Of Law, Trade And Sovereignty

Stuart Pimm: Well-Known Conservation Biologist Relocated To Nicholas School

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Audio & Video

Get It Together
"Get It Together" is a video created by students and produced by Duke faculty member John Jackson exploring how young people of all races are transforming their community to protect the environment.

video Click here to view an excerpt of the film.

___   Top Ten Iranian Films

Negar Mottahedeh's top choices for Iranian films.

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