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Get Advice on Wellness Topics with Live Webinars

Starting Aug. 8, Duke’s employee wellness program will host seven webinars related to nutrition, fitness and mental health

Beginning Aug. 8, LIVE FOR LIFE, Duke’s employee wellness program, will host seven live webinars to provide staff and faculty with strategies related to nutrition, fitness and mental health.

In 30-minute “Health Matters” presentations that run through Dec. 5, employees can get tips and ask questions of Duke’s experts on fresh topics ranging from walking and running to managing holiday stress. Other topics include mindfulness and meditation, tips for exercising in the cold weather, Thanksgiving recipes and more. Each free session is designed to provide simple and practical advice that makes an incremental difference in a person’s physical and emotional health.

The Health Matters series is an expanded offering with a variety of topics, taking the place of the popular “Food Matters” series that launched during the pandemic.

“These are areas where people can make really small and simple changes that can have a big impact on their work, productivity and their physical and mental wellbeing,” said Esther Granville, Nutrition Programming Manager. “Sometimes people are just looking to have some new ideas for a routine. Some people are looking for motivation. We like to talk about things that are actionable, actual things people can do.”

Health Matters webinars are an expansion of the presentations previously held by LIVE FOR LIFE, like this one hosted by Esther Granville. Photo courtesy of LIVE FOR LIFE. Staff and faculty who want to attend a “Health Matters” webinar should sign up for updates to receive a calendar invitation and link for the program. Each webinar will be recorded and available later on-demand.

Kay Scott, a program coordinator in the Department of Biostatistics and Bioinformatics, has attended about 10 webinars hosted by LIVE FOR LIFE in the past two years. She said the webinars are easy to join and provide straightforward advice.

As a regular walker, she is looking forward to the expanded webinars covering other aspects of health. She plans to attend every event because she wants to continue making her health a priority.

“Anything that will promote health, I like,” she said.

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