Duke Buses Spread the Message: Wear a Mask

Buses promotes Duke Health’s “You’re Why” campaign to wear a mask

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As part of a new Duke Health campaign, six campus transit buses will advertise one of the most important safety messages of our current times:

Wear a mask.

As mobile billboards, six campus transit buses will be wrapped with the "3M Wrap Film 2080 Series," a protective film layer, featuring images of masks and messages that encourage people to wear a mask to protect themselves and others. The Duke Health “You’re Why” campaign emphasizes that wearing a mask is an act of kindness, a symbol of leadership and a demonstration of love that protects everyone.

Two of the six buses are on the roads, and the rest of the buses will be ready by end of August. The buses will travel on routes around and between the Health System and University campuses. 

Duke buses displaying messages to a wear a mask will travel on routes around and between the Health System and University campuses. Photo courtesy of Duke Health Marketing & Communications.Tom Owens, president of Duke University Hospital and senior vice president of Duke Health, said the “You’re Why” message resonates because it reflects Duke Health’s value of caring for patients, their loved ones and each other. 

“We want you to stay healthy when you’re at work and when you get home to your family,” said Owens, co-incident commander of the Duke Health COVID-19 Incident Command. “The way to do that is by all of using putting on a mask. We at Duke Health wear a mask because we care about you. You wear a mask because you care about the people around you.”

Carl DePinto, director of Duke Parking & Transportation, said the decorative wraps can last up to two years. 

“Our team is incredibly proud to play a small part in sharing Duke Health’s message,” he said. “Hopefully, these buses can act as moving reminders to wear a mask.” 

A banner urging the community to wear a mask hangs from Duke University Hospital. Photo courtesy of Duke Health Marketing & Communications.The “You’re Why” images are also posted on billboards, parking garages and outside of Duke hospitals, clinics and offices. Katie Galbraith, president of Duke Regional Hospital and interim head of Community Health for the health system, drives by one of the billboards on I-85 on her way to work each morning.

“It makes me really proud to drive by that billboard and see this message from Duke that is reinforcing the importance of wearing a face covering,” said Galbraith, co-incident commander of the Duke Health COVID-19 Incident Command and co-chair of the Durham Recovery and Renewal Task Force. “The campaign captures a beautiful sense that wearing a mask expresses empathy and kindness.”

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