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These On-the-Job Selfies are Winners

Depictions of safety practices in labs earn special recognition

Greg Bumpass, left, and Lauren Macadlo, right, were the grand prize winners of Duke's National Safety Month challenge.
Greg Bumpass, left, and Lauren Macadlo, right, were the grand prize winners of Duke's National Safety Month challenge.

Duke’s Occupational & Environmental Safety and Workers Compensation offices recently recognized three groups of employees for demonstrating safety in the workplace. 

For National Safety Month in June, a nationwide campaign established by the National Safety Council, staff and faculty were invited to send photographs that illustrate how they or their unit eliminate risks to prevent workplace injuries and how they practice on-the-job safety. The aim of the challenge is to identify risks to prevent injuries. 

“We were pleased how well the Safety Selfie submissions represented the tremendous range of jobs we have at Duke, from healthcare to skilled trades to academics,” said Chip Kyles, director of Workers’ Compensation. “The winning photos depict both very high-level risks with specialized safety precautions as well as more common risks that affect larger numbers of employees.”

Here are the winners and a runner-up: 

Greg Bumpass
Assistant Manager, Pratt School of Engineering Student Shop 

Greg Bumpass wears protective material to use a plasma cutter. Photo courtesy of Greg Bumpass.
Greg Bumpass suited up for his photo. 

He donned a welding mask, cotton jacket, leather gloves and shaded glasses to use a plasma cutter, which cuts through materials using hot plasma, in the Pratt School of Engineering’s Student Shop. The shop is a space where staff teach engineering students how to safely use machines like bandsaws, rotary cutters and laser cutters. 

“This outfit prevents burns while the glasses protect my eyes from light and UV rays,” Bumpass said. “You can never be too careful. Always take your time in putting on the necessary equipment to operate these machines.”

Bumpass will receive a GoPro HERO7 camera for his prize. 

Lauren Macadlo
Research Technician, Department of Cell Biology

Lauren Macadlo uses tweezers to pick up broken glass. Photo courtesy of Lauren Macadlo.
In her photo, Lauren Macadlo correctly demonstrated how to dispose of broken glass in a Department of Cell Biology lab.

A colleague took a photo of Macadlo wearing plastic gloves and cleaning up a shattered bottle with tweezers and a dustpan. Macadlo then placed the broken object in a glass disposal box. 

“We have a lot of glass in the lab, so we stay mindful of any sharp objects,” Macadlo said. “You have to know the materials you’re working with in order to keep the lab safe.”     

Macadlo will receive a GoPro HERO7 camera. 

Honorable Mention: Duke Dining

(Left to right) Chris Cox, Jackie Parrish-Lea, Tony Smith, Mark Turner and Deborah Moore show off their non-slip shoes. Photo by Todd Dumke.
A team of five Duke Dining staff members at the Marketplace on East Campus showed off the shoes they wear to avoid spills: slip-resistant outsoles to keep their balance on wet surfaces. 

They also put up a wet floor sign.

“The proper signs and the proper non-slip shoes make for a safe workspace,” said Todd Dumke, executive sous chef for Duke Dining. “Our crew wanted to show off their safety shoes!”

The Duke Dining team will receive 1,500 LIVE FOR LIFE dollars to distribute among the six employees involved with the photo. 

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