Lily Zheng Caught Green Handed

Student caught attending Carbon Nation film screening as part of Green Devil Smackdown

Lily was given a “Bleed Blue, Live Green,” reusable water bottle

Name: Lily ZhengHometown: Potomac, MDYear: Class of 2016Lily was caught attending the film screening of Carbon Nation, a film about the climate change challenges and emerging solutions.  She received points for the Green Devil Smackdown.What made you interested in this event? How did you hear about it?I'm doing the Green Devil Smackdown challenge with some people in my dorm, so I heard about it through that.What other things do you do in your everyday life to be sustainable?I recycle and take short showers and in November I was 50% vegetarian, so I only ate meat every other day.What sustainable efforts have you noticed around campus?There are a lot of signs up that tell people how to be more green.If you could change one thing on campus to make it more sustainable, what would it be?In the dorms at night, they always have the lights on in the hallways, so they could turn them off and save a lot of energy.Do you already know a lot about how to be sustainable and the environment or are you coming here to learn more?I'm here to learn more.Will you be caught green handed next? Caught Green Handed is an initiative of Students for Sustainable Living created to reward sustainability actions at Duke. Get caught doing something eco-friendly, and receive great prizes including t-shirts, stainless steel water bottles and reusable grocery bags!  It's simple, just take actions throughout the day to reduce your environmental footprint and with a little luck, you could be Caught Green Handed! The contest will continue on a twice monthly basis throughout the fall semester.