Meet And Greet (And Treats) With Duke Police

Duke Police `Tips n' Treats' sessions begin March 12

Jordan DeLoatch , left, a first-year student at Duke, talks safety with Eric Hester, crime prevention officer with the Duke University Police Department, during a "Tips n' Treats" event in October. Photo by Bryan Roth.

The Duke University Police Department will be back out talking with Duke community members during its biannual "Tips n' Treats" series on East, West and Central campuses beginning March 12.

During each gathering, police officers will meet informally with students to discuss safety and various services and resources. During the Tips n' Treats series in October, police distributed about 750 highlighters and 800 wallet cards featuring safety tips and contact information for the department. Officers also engraved about 40 laptops with owner information at no charge.

"Having visibility and even just being able to say 'hi' face-to-face is a way of creating stronger relationships," said Eric Hester , crime prevention officer with Duke Police. "This gives us a chance to better acquaint ourselves with students, remind them of the services we offer and hear any concerns they might have."

Upcoming sessions are:

Duke staff and faculty are also welcome to drop by each event. Community members who visit with Duke Police during the events will be able to pick up a free cookie provided by Duke Dining and have electronics such as iPods, computers or phones engraved.

Pete Schork, president of the Duke Student Government, said Tips n' Treats sessions are important because they allow students to hear police officers' perspective on safety. The events act as an opportunity to get to know the officers on a personal level, he added.

"DUPD officers hold some of the best insight on how to stay safe on and off-campus," Schork said. "Tips n' Treats is a valuable way to get to know the friendly DUPD team firsthand, while learning some practical safety tips as well."