Get Outdoors with Duke Rec Gear

Rent sports and outdoor equipment from Recreation & Physical Education

Linda Chang and her son, Jesse, fish on a stand-up paddleboard on Jordan Lake. Photo courtesy of Linda Chang.
Linda Chang and her son, Jesse, fish on a stand-up paddleboard on Jordan Lake. Photo courtesy of Linda Chang.

Eager to get out of the house last September, Linda Chang and her family decided to explore lakes in the Triangle region.

Chang, her husband and their two sons, enjoyed two afternoons on Jordan Lake and Kerr Lake on stand-up paddleboards. They rented two paddleboards for $35 each from Duke Recreation & Physical Education.

“We have a new hobby now thanks to how good of value the equipment rental is at Duke Rec,” said Chang, a developer for Duke Health Technology Solutions. “The prices are so good I’m considering how we can find more hobbies outdoors.”

With a valid DukeCard ID, staff, faculty, students and alumni can rent a range of outdoor gear from camp chairs to three-person canoes as part of Duke Recreation’s equipment rental service. A Duke Recreation & Physical Education membership is not required to rent equipment. 

Duke Recreation & Physical Education, which allows rentals for up to 15 or more days, has surfboards, cooking sets, sleeping bags and hammocks. Duke Rec & Physical Education provides life jackets, paddles and equipment needed to strap gear to cars as part of the rental price. 

Prices range from $4 or $5 for a camping chair for up to three days to $30 to rent a stand-up paddleboard for up to three days. Duke-affiliated groups and Duke Recreation & Physical Education members receive a discount on equipment rentals. Equipment requests are made online and granted on a first come, first-served basis. 

Linda Chang has rented stand-up paddleboards from Duke Recreation & Physical Education for her family to use. Photo courtesy of Linda Chang.“Camping equipment and other outdoor gear can be expensive if you’re trying to use it only a few times,” said Chris Hendricks, director of outdoor adventures for Duke Recreation & Physical Education. “We’re here to provide the equipment at an affordable cost and help you have fun outdoors this summer.” 

Linda Chang and her family plan to rent stand-up paddleboards again this summer when hope to paddle out to the middle of Jordan Lake or Kerr Lake to fish away from the crowded shores. 

“Being on the open water is very tranquil,” Chang said. “It just feels nice for the entire family to do this together.”

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