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DukeHub 2.0 Makes Managing Student Information Easier

The streamlined and updated resource is now live

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Amy Gleason, assistant university registrar for compliance and reporting, likely uses DukeHub as much as anyone on campus. 

Nearly every day, she’ll dive into the university’s online resource for managing student data, to verify academic progress of student athletes, report academic and tuition information to agencies providing students with military benefits, and help the handful of students she advises chart their course through Duke.

Amy Gleason from the Office of the University Registrar uses DukeHub daily. Photo courtesy of Amy Gleason.“We use DukeHub to do everything we do,” Gleason said of her team at the Office of the University Registrar.

Starting this week, DukeHub users will experience a more responsive and intuitive version of the system as DukeHub 2.0 goes live.

“DukeHub 2.0 is a little more modern, a little sleeker. I like it,” said Gleason, who has been testing the updated version since June.

First launched in 2016, DukeHub, which is available on phone, tablet and computer, is the user interface for Oracle Campus Solutions, which maintains student information such as class registration, grades and finances. 

The upgrade was the result of two years of study, design and testing by a combined team from Duke’s Office of Information Technology and Office of Student Information Services and Systems.

“It’s going to be more streamlined,” said Morgan Andres, senior business analyst with the Office of Student Information Services and Systems. “Hopefully it makes users’ experience easier as they go through their day-to-day.”

DukeHub 2.0 login pageWith DukeHub 2.0, staff members can customize their home pages, moving tiles with their most-used or favorite links to prominent spots. 

Staff and faculty can also take advantage of an “Act as User” feature, allowing users to see what students see when they access DukeHub 2.0 to ensure all information and options are correct.

“The beauty of it is that all the stuff we already have, all of the tables, all of the processes, they’re still there, we just have a new interface on top of that,” said Chris Derickson, associate vice provost and director of the Office of Student Information Services and Systems.

For information about DukeHub 2.0, including documentation and training videos, see the SISS Office website at 

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