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Update on COVID-19 Testing

Update on COVID-19 Testing

Duke University’s comprehensive COVID-19 testing program has administered 5,765 tests to the students who have returned to campus since Aug. 2, school officials announced Monday, the first day of undergraduate classes for the fall semester. 

A total of 11 positive results have been reported and those students are in mandatory isolation. Any student who tests positive is required to isolate until getting medical clearance to access campus facilities. These 11 include the four positive results reported by Duke last week. 

Testing continues daily as undergraduate and graduate students return to campus through the end of the month. 

All Duke students are required to get a COVID-19 test before they are permitted to enter university housing or attend class on campus. In addition to the mandatory arrival testing, all students are required to participate in the university’s pooled surveillance program, which begins this week. The university also requires anyone on campus to use a face covering and observe physical distancing requirements.