A Voter's One-Stop Online Resource on North Carolina Politics

Part of the Duke in North Carolina Series
congressional electoral map of North Carolina

An important online resource is now available for those who cover North Carolina politics, vote in North Carolina, or are simply intrigued by what’s happening here.  On Monday Polis: Center for Politics at Duke University launched a website to serve as a central repository for North Carolina political news and information.  From topical interviews to breaking news stories and current candidate polls, NC Politics 2020 contains an array of political content not found collectively on any other site.

“This is an important evolution for our Center and for Duke and the Sanford School of Public Policy,” says Center Director Pope “Mac” McCorkle.  “North Carolina is a pivotal Purple state whose politics and policies have far-reaching implications.  This website captures what makes this state uniquely compelling.”

NC Politics 2020 responds to increasingly pervasive sentiments that North Carolina is a microcosm of the national electorate.  The Tar Heel State is as ideologically divided as the country.  It has a Democratic governor, attorney general, and secretary of state, while also having two Republican senators, a GOP lieutenant governor, and GOP majorities in the State Senate and House.

Polis Research Director Deondra Rose adds, “NC Politics 2020 is a one-stop destination for political journalists, scholarly researchers, campaign officials, and all citizens interested in North Carolina’s fascinating politics.”


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