Two Scavenger Hunt Winners Take Home iPads

Nearly 400 employees and students participate in the LiveSafe app hunt

First-year Duke student Andrew Oliver is one of the LiveSafe Scavenger Hunt winners. He received a new, space-gray iPad mini.

Andrew Oliver, a first-year student, and Barbara Norrington, a medical lab scientist for Duke Immunology, are the winners of iPad minis after participating in Duke’s LiveSafe Scavenger Hunt.

Oliver’s and Norrington’s names were randomly drawn Monday after they each submitted pictures of a “Help” blue light phone through the safety app as part of last week’s scavenger hunt.

“It was a nice surprise on a Monday morning,” said Oliver, who downloaded the app during orientation in August.

Nearly 400 students and employees participated in the scavenger hunt, sending pictures of “Help” phones, Duke police and security cars, and selfies with Duke police officers.

The free LiveSafe app allows Duke community members to submit tips to the Duke University Police Department 24/7 and to “virtually escort” friends and colleagues to destinations on a real-time map. There are currently 7,237 Duke students, staff and faculty who have the app, which is available from Google Play or the Apple App Store.

Norrington, the medical lab scientist for Duke Immunology, downloaded the app last week after hearing about the scavenger hunt. She submitted a photo of a “Help” blue light phone during a lunchtime walk near the Duke Research Greenhouses along Science Drive.

She said she parks at Hock Plaza and walks to her lab building, so she feels more secure having LiveSafe on her phone.

“Where I park is not right next to my building, so I have a little bit of a walk, and whenever you’re walking by yourself, it’s just nice to have that if you need to quickly notify somebody,” Norrington said.

Download LiveSafe from Google Play or the Apple App Store.