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University Launches More Secure Wireless Network

Duke community is encouraged to join encrypted Dukeblue network on campus

The Office of Information Technology (OIT) has launched a new, more secure wireless system across the university campus called “Dukeblue.”

What is encrypted wireless?

The new wireless network provides an encrypted, or scrambled, transmission of personal and Duke data. While many of the individual applications used from Duke devices on the wireless network have always been encrypted (for example, communication with websites beginning with https), the Dukeblue network now encrypts every bit of data it transfers, making it virtually impossible for hackers to eavesdrop on the wireless network. This makes encrypted wireless an even more secure way to browse the Internet, use email or share data electronically compared to open, non-encrypted networks like those in public spaces. Cellular networks are automatically encrypted, so those transmissions are already secured to the same high level.

How do I get the new Dukeblue wireless network?

Establishing an initial connection to the Dukeblue wireless network requires using your Duke NetID and password. Depending on your device, system configuration may involve additional initial setup steps. Visit from your wireless laptops and devices for instructions on connecting. Once the connection is established, devices will continue to connect to it automatically on campus.

OIT is working in partnership with campus departments. You may contact your local IT support person for help. For students, faculty and staff that wish to enroll their own laptops, phones or other wireless devices, set up takes less than two minutes.

If you need more help please contact the OIT service desk.