Summer Updates to Wannamaker Residence Hall

Upgrades will include a yoga studio, renovated kitchens and common rooms

Artist's rendition of planned changes
Artist's rendition of planned changes

This summer, Wannamaker residence hall will undergo a number of interior renovations and improvements. This project is a continuation of Duke’s continual efforts to improve the living experience on campus.

“One of the reasons Wannamaker is being renovated this summer is to enhance enthusiasm for the wellness living group, The Well," said Rick Johnson, associate vice president for Housing, Dining and Residence Life (HDLR). We want to provide facilities that promote healthy lifestyles and enable The Well living group to grow and flourish. There will be a Koru/yoga studio, vastly improved kitchen facilities, and areas for health programing in partnership with our wellness colleagues and other campus partners.”

Built in the 1950s, Wannamaker has undergone upgrades to make it a solid living space, but like other recent residence hall upgrades on campus, these changes are designed to vastly improve community living spaces for a variety of uses, from studying space to social areas to health and wellness studios.

“One things we’re really excited about is the renovated kitchen areas,” said Joe Gonzalez, dean for residential life. “We’re designing the kitchen to be a wonderful place to cook and gather, but also as a space for cooking exhibitions. Part of the plan is to bring in our local talent to do healthy cooking demonstrations for our students.”

The Wannamaker summer upgrade plans include transforming two of the current common rooms. One will have games like ping pong and pool as well as the kitchen for cooking exhibitions. The other will be designed as more of a study space, and will contain a renovated kitchen as well. Two other commons rooms will be converted into project rooms, a meditation/yoga room for wellness programming, and four new single residential rooms. Bathrooms also will be updated with new tiles, sinks and added showers. In addition, the hallways will receive new paint and carpeting. Finally, new lighting will be installed throughout the halls and in each residential room.

“We’re confident that the renovations to Wannamaker will be well received,” Johnson said. “But we’re not done. There are other living spaces on campus that need updating, and we’re committed to continue our work to make Duke a great place to call home away from home.”