Officials Monitoring Forecast for Light Snow

Caution urged while traveling

[Updated: Thursday, Feb. 19, 2015: 6:50]

While much progress has been made to clear roads, parking lots and sidewalks on and around campus, there is the possibility of icy spots and black ice this morning. Members of the Duke community are urged to use extreme caution while traveling and use only priority roads, lots and sidewalks.

Below is an update on campus conditions from this morning:

  • Most major and secondary streets on and around campus were cleared.
  • Campus Drive has a lot of black ice in the shady areas from Maxwell Street to Chapel Drive.
  • Towerview Road, near Erwin Road has black ice.
  • The Garden’s entrance and lots are not cleared.
  • All major parking lots and sidewalks on campus were cleared.
  • Hull Street is clear as well as the parking lot for The Little School is clear. The Dance parking lot has not been cleared.
  • The parking lot at the Jewish Center for Life  has not been cleared.
  • Some of the sidewalk on Erwin Road from Anderson Street toward the hospital have not been cleared. There’s still quite a lot of snow/ice on them, which may be a problem for staff who walk from H Lot, Greystone Lot and Carolina Lot.
  • Medical Center entrances are clear.

[Updated: Wednesday, Feb. 18, 2015: 4:10 p.m.]

The National Weather Service has issued a winter weather advisory for much of the Piedmont and Coastal Plains for tonight through 9 a.m. Thursday. In addition, there is a wind chill advisory in effect for the entire region for the combination of very cold temperatures and wind beginning Wednesday night through Friday morning.

[Original Posting: Wednesday, Feb. 18, 2015: 2:40 p.m.]

Officials are monitoring forecasts that predict a quick burst of snow showers this afternoon into very early evening that may deposit a dusting of snow in some areas. Any accumulations are expected to be half an inch or less and mainly along and north of Highway 64.

The National Weather Service does not expect the light snow to create travel problems, and Duke officials expect to operate on a normal schedule with no changes in classes. Updates will be made as conditions warrant.

Given the chance of severe weather, employees are encouraged to review Duke's severe weather and emergency conditions policy to ensure understanding of roles and responsibilities if the policy is activated.

During times of severe weather, some staff positions require on-site presence to continue operations. To ensure continuous operations of patient care, student support and research functions, managers should assign all jobs to one of three service categories:

  • Essential Service: During severe weather or emergency conditions, essential service staff report or remain at work.  Transportation service and childcare services may be provided for those required to work during severe weather or emergency conditions.
  • Reserve Service: During severe weather or emergency conditions, these staff are assigned a status at the time of the event.
  • Delayed Service: During severe weather or emergency conditions, these staff do not report to or remain at work.

More information about the policy, including a map of priorities for clearing roads, lots and sidewalks, checklists and answers to frequently asked questions, is available at the DukeALERT emergency website.