Fulbright Scholarship Winners From Duke University Announced

Recipients will spend 2014-15 academic year abroad

Eighteen recent graduates and graduate students from Duke University received Fulbright Scholarships and will spend the 2014-15 academic year conducting research, studying and teaching English.

“The success of Duke students in securing Fulbright research, study and English teaching grants is testimony to the quality of the undergraduate and graduate educational experience and to the global perspective of our students and faculty,” said David Baker, Duke’s Fulbright Program adviser.

The Fulbright Scholarship application process is open to Duke seniors, recently graduated alumni and graduate students. The Fulbright Program is the flagship international educational exchange program sponsored by the U.S. government. It is designed to facilitate cultural exchange and increase mutual understanding between the people of the United States and those of other countries.

The following are the names, Duke status, fields of study and countries of study of this year's Duke Fulbright scholars:

Nina Arutyunyan (graduate student), history, Russia.

Kemen Austin (graduate student), environmental studies, Indonesia.

Sarah Berman (2014 graduate), English teaching assistant, Malaysia.

Trenita Childers (graduate student), sociology, Dominican Republic.

Emma Fridel (2014 graduate), English teaching assistant, Taiwan.

Stephanie Friede (graduate student), anthropology, Mexico.

Richard Gawne (graduate student), biology, Denmark.

Maia Hutt (2014 graduate), English teaching assistant, Georgia.

Richard Lambert (graduate student), language and literature, Austria.

Erika Lampert (2014 graduate), medical sciences, Spain.

Jessica Lie (2013 graduate), English teaching assistant, South Korea.

Patrick Oathout (2014 graduate), English teaching assistant, Greece.

Michael Pelehach (2010 graduate), English teaching assistant, Bulgaria.

Tricia Ross (graduate student), history, Germany.

Andrew Ruoss (graduate student), history, Netherlands.

Brian Smithson (graduate student), anthropology, Benin.

Connor Southard (2012 graduate), creative writing, Tanzania.

Olivia Wasteneys (2014 graduate), English teaching assistant, Turkey.