Contribute Your Pics to Duke Photo Gallery

Students and employees can upload images for Duke community use

This photo by Jacqueline Sun is one of about 200 available for free to Duke community members. Students and employees can share their Duke-related pictures through a special community gallery. Photo by Jacqueline Sun.

Duke University Photography wants to help turn Duke community member photos into published art.

As an effort to increase the number of royalty-free images offered by students and employees, Duke community members can now share their own Duke-centric photos through the Duke Photo website. All user-generated content is free for access by students, faculty and staff with an active Duke email address but isn’t made available for the public.

The collection already includes about 200 pictures captured by students and employees, with shots ranging from animals at the Duke Lemur Center to campus buildings and nature shots and popular hangout spots like the Bell Union.

“We have an interest to see all the things our community gets to see every day, but from their angle,” said Chris Hildreth, director of Duke Photography. “We want to see personal takes on Duke, whether it’s a class, a landmark, an athletic event or something else.”

To submit photos, students, faculty and staff can use an online form. Photos can come from any kind of camera, whether it’s a smartphone or a professional-grade digital SLR. Duke Photography staff review each submission, looking for artistic merit in composition, nature of the photo and how it highlights aspects of Duke.

Not every picture shared through the online process will be added to the Duke community gallery on the Duke Photography website. Those that are selected will be added with the name and email address of the photographer, as well as any caption information.

Once loaded into the Duke community gallery, all students, faculty and staff can log into the website and download photos. There are currently about 200 photos available.

“We’re doing this with the broadest, visual interest of Duke possible, knowing that our staff of five photographers can’t be everywhere all the time,” Hildreth said. “There are lots of great photos out there being shared and we want to provide an opportunity for them to be shared in one place.”

Faculty and staff interested in contributing photos to Duke Photography’s free catalog can also find inspiration and help from peers. Along with Duke photographer Megan Morr, a group of employees have organized the #PictureDuke Photo Club, which is a free group for Duke community members.

As part of the club, employees can sharpen their photography skills through photo walks and optional critique sessions, where members will share photos and receive feedback and encouragement.

Meetings for the Photo Club are planned to take place on a monthly basis this summer. The next meeting will run noon to 1 p.m. July 30 in Perkins Library room 218. Faulty and staff can RSVP for the meeting with the#PictureDuke Photo Club Facebook page.

“It’ll be a nice opportunity to chat one-on-one with other folks who are interested in phtogoraphy,” Morr said. “We want it to be very open, very friendly and low-key.”