Traffic/Parking Advisory: Construction Deliveries to Blue Zone

Crews will be erecting cranes and assembling cellular units June 28 to July 2

In order to boost cellular signal strength on campus and inside Duke buildings, Facilities Management will oversee the delivery of six 12-by-30-feet concrete enclosures of cellular units to the Blue Zone Lots from June 28 to July 2.

Student vehicles currently parked for the summer in the southern-most portion of the lot ,near the Wannamaker Drive-Duke University Road intersection, will be towed out of the way at Duke’s expense to a nearby portion of the Blue Zone. The vehicles will remain there for the rest of the summer.

Large tractor trailers will deliver the enclosures, which weigh about 70,000 pounds. Crane parts will be delivered to the lot on June 29 and erected June 30 to move the enclosures. Crews will dismantle the crane on July 1 and leave the lot July 2.

Contractors haven’t determined a specific route to deliver the cellular units, but Facilities Management expects it to be along 15-501 to Cameron Boulevard, onto Duke University Road and Towerview Drive and then to Wannamaker Drive. During any travel on campus, crewmembers will be on-hand to help direct traffic around construction equipment.