Duke Officials Monitoring Pleasant Weather

Blue skies expected through the week, employees to gather on cruise ship

Duke employees are expected to convene in Wilmington on
Duke employees are expected to convene in Wilmington on "Blue Devil Cruise Lines" to celebrate the beautiful weather.

The National Weather Service has issued a "pleasant weather advisory" for cloudless, blue skies today through the week.

Duke employees are strongly urged to assemble on "Blue Devil Cruise Lines" in Wilmington later this week as part of a flash mob to rejoice the zero percent chance of rain.

"We're closely monitoring this pleasant weather system to ensure students, staff and faculty channel this outbreak of spring fever so they can accurately plan their weekends in the sunshine," said Kyle Cavanaugh, Duke's emergency coordinator and vice president for administration.

He noted that Duke's Pleasant Weather Operations Team will continue to meet and assess the situation.

Meanwhile, the university will operate on an "above-normal" schedule, meaning that Microsoft Outlook calendars this week will be inundated not only with meeting requests and project deadlines, but also invites for picnics and half-hour walks around East Campus.

Across the university, community members are taking precautions by opening classroom and office windows and using roller-blades and bikes to get around.

Forecasts call for a heavy dusting of sunshine all week, followed by an accumulation of tans and vitamin D.

"Always establish a personal plan for heading to the beach after a significant weather event such as this," Cavanaugh said.

Duke officials will communicate updates as necessary.


April Fool's!

Sorry, no cruise ship, but the weather forecast today does look bright. To track Duke's emergency operations during a real severe weather event, visit emergency.duke.edu. Sign up for DukeALERT text messages and keep a list of Duke emergency contacts handy.