Graduate School Uses Social Media to Connect with Admitted Students from China

Duke staff and students spent more than an hour Wednesday morning responding to a myriad of questions posted in an online live chat for Chinese students admitted to Duke's Graduate School.

More than 170 admitted students attended the session on Sina Weibo, one of China's leading social media platforms. Their questions spanned topics such as housing and transportation options in Durham, internship and career opportunities, and anticipated workloads in particular programs.

Marilyn Butler, graduate program coordinator in computer science, and Li-Chen Chin, director of intercultural programs, joined Graduate School staff and four current students who hosted the session and provided responses in English and Chinese.

"We have a significant number of admitted students from China, and this was a great way for us to connect with students and answer their questions in real time at a point when they are making their final decisions about attending Duke," said Elizabeth Hutton, director of admissions in the Graduate School. Applicants admitted to Graduate School programs must accept or decline the offer of admission by April 15. 

Duke engages with Chinese-speaking audiences on Sina Weibo and RenRen, two of China's most popular social media channels. 

In addition to the graduate school's event, Duke's undergraduate admissions office will host a student-led chat on RenRen on Wednesday, April 9, on Duke's RenRen page.

Below: students and administrators take questions online Wednesday from Chinese-speaking students admitted to Duke's Graduate School.

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