From the Archives: Marine Lab 'Then and Now'

Photos show the change in space from 50 years ago to today

Part of the From the Archives Series

Originally established in 1938 as a summer training and research facility, the Duke Marine Lab has gone through major transformations in its 75-year history. Above, an aerial photo from 1965 and today contrasts just how much has changed on Pivers Island, just outside of Beaufort, N.C.

With the addition of a research laboratory to the Duke University Marine Lab between 1956 and 1960, more students were able to enroll in classes. One of these classes was Invertebrate Ecology (seen below), taught by C.G Bookhout, a professor at the Marine Lab. Today's spaces focus on modern genetic and molecular techniques, complete with high-tech equipment.

Some facilities don't change much, however, including the exterior of this boathouse, below. While the building once actually stored boats, parts of the building are now under renovation and the building is being used as a multipurpose facility with offices, recreational space and equipment storage.