Summer Parking Available for Students

Portion of Blue Zone will stay open for vehicles

As the academic year comes to a close, Duke students will need to move their vehicles if leaving them on campus over the summer.

Students' Duke-registered vehicles can be parked in the last lot area in the far, left-hand corner of the Blue Zone. The portion of the lot for student summer parking is outlined on this map. Students will be able to access the summer parking area of the Blue Zone with their DukeCard ID beginning May 1.

As always, Duke community members who park cars on campus are encouraged to safely stow any valuable items out of sight in glove compartments or trunks. If a student leaves a car on campus during the summer, Duke Police also suggests to make sure all doors are locked and windows are rolled up.

Because of commencement and several special events in the area during the summer, any vehicles left in other areas of the Blue Zone lot may be relocated at the owners' expense.

For more information, contact Parking and Transportation Services at (919) 684-7275 or email