Workshop Helps Faculty Bring Sustainability into the Classroom

Faculty members who want to incorporate sustainability into their course have a unique opportunity in May

NOTE: If you would still like to register for the workshop, please contact Eileen Thorsos directly to register.

On May 8, Duke will sponsor its fourth Trillium Workshop, where Duke faculty members will think through how to better integrate sustainability (considering environment, equity, and economy) into academic courses.Duke faculty can register online to take part in the workshop and, if spots are still available, receive a $500 stipend to revise syllabi to incorporate sustainability into classes. Faculty from all disciplines and departments are eligible to apply."Duke has committed to educating all of its students about the basics of sustainability and climate change," said Casey Roe, outreach coordinator for Sustainable Duke. "Some disciplines have very obvious connections to the environment and sustainability, while others may not, so this workshop provides a forum for faculty to discuss and plan opportunities to bridge that gap."In addition to attending the workshop, participants will join the Duke Faculty Learning Community for Sustainability and Curriculum, which will offer support and information for how to better include sustainability into classroom learning. As part of being selected to the workshop, this year's participants will also:-Submit a course (or course component) redesign and implement the course in the 2013-14 academic year;-Meet once per month during the fall 2013 semester as sustainable courses are implemented and assessed; and-Complete blog entries of findings or an aspect of course redesign.Roe said keys to the workshop will be encouraging participants to better use technology to increase sustainability in teaching and learning and becoming leaders for teaching in a more sustainable way.The Trillium "Sustainability Across the Curriculum" workshop will take place in the FHI Garage in Smith Warehouse. Duke faculty from past years will serve as conveners and mentors to assist 2013 participants.Questions about the workshop can be directed to Eileen Thorsos.