NSOE IT and Biology Administrative Staff are Green Workplaces

Two workplaces earn Duke Green Workplace Certification

Nicholas School of the Environment IT and Biology Administrative Staff have achieved the Duke Green Workplace Certification, bringing the total to 41 certified workplaces and over 850 staff working in certified workplaces at Duke.  The Green Workplace Certification recognizes work areas that formally assess how they are reducing their environmental footprint.

Nicholas School of the Environment IT earned certification for eight staff by completing 41 out of 58 items on the certification checklist.  The department uses electronic formats for communications and publications.  Office printers default to double-sided and staff donate all small excess office supplies to the Duke Free Store.  Additionally, staff are testing a PC management software to reduce energy use of all of the computers in their network.

The Biology Administrative Staff completed 45 out of 58 items on the checklist, earning certification for eight staff.  The department purchased reusable dinnerware and utensils for their workplace kitchen and for social events from the Habitat ReStore. They avoid providing disposable water bottles and seek local, organic and vegetarian options when food is provided. Staff recycle ink cartridges and electronic waste, and send excess furniture through the Duke Surplus program.

Duke's Office of Sustainability administers the Duke Green Workplace Certification, which begins when a representative from a work area attends the free "Leading for Environmental Sustainability" workshop. As part of the workshop, participants receive a checklist of sustainable practices ranging from double-sided printing to using eco-friendly dishwashing soap in a break room. A work area that can demonstrate it follows at least 40 of the checklist's 58 items can apply for certification and permission to post the Duke Green Workplace seal in its office and on materials.

View a complete list of certified offices and the actions they completed to earn certification.