VP of Student Affairs Larry Moneta's Address to Students

Dear students,The last few days have showcased Duke in many ways. We were saddened to learn of an event that represented 'entertainment' at the expense of our Asian communities yet, we were inspired by the leadership and activism subsequently demonstrated by so many. But, we are reminded that much work remains ahead. If we simply shrug our shoulders and go back to business as usual, we know that in time, we'll be dealing anew with a similar incident. If we fail to sustain the dialogue and the commitment to change, we'll have failed to seize the occasion. The status of the Kappa Sigma fraternity will be subject to decisions made by their national organization in consultation with Duke. As of now, their national organization has placed them on suspension as have we. Though the party itself was offensive and may not necessarily have violated the formal rules of the Duke Community Standard, the fraternity faces serious consequences. In addition, we intend to work with student leaders in DSG and the Greek Councils to find ways to prevent yet another recurrence of this unacceptable behavior. Ultimately, though, students can demand reforms by voicing objection and refusing to attend any event that demeans others. We have a great opportunity ahead to exemplify what is great about Duke and what all campuses should strive to emulate. We can extend Duke's commitment to diversity from celebration to authentic engagement. To do so requires that we remain vigilant and call out acts of ignorance and misdeeds, that we think about our own decisions and the behavioral choices we make, that we remain active and persistent with genuine dialogue and that we are respectful and appreciative of the remarkable diversity around us. We're in this together now at Duke and throughout our lives. Let's use this opportunity to make Duke an even better place for all.Larry MonetaVice President for Student Affairs

This message was sent to all students via email on February 7, 2013. It was also sent to Duke parents and families "in order to promote productive dialogue regarding inclusion and diversity."