Get Funding to Make Your Office Sustainable

Departments can receive money for Green Workplace Certification

marilyn - recycle station_V.jpg
Employees at Duke's Fetal Diagnostic Center have received Green Workplace Certification through actions like setting up recycling stations. Faculty and staff can now benefit from the Green Grant Fund to "green" their workplace. Photo courtesy of Marilyn Weisz.

Offices and departments looking to become more sustainable can now have some extra green to back them up.

From now until June 31, Duke employees working toward a Green Workplace Certification for their office are eligible to apply for some financial backing to purchase sustainable office supplies like energy-efficient light bulbs, reusable dishes, desk lamps and more. Money will be allocated from the Green Grand Fund, an annual fund made available to support a wide range of sustainability projects that benefit the Duke and Durham communities.

The fund was established in 2005 by Tallman Trask, Duke's executive vice president. An amount of $5,000 is set aside for Green Workplace Certification assistance with $50 to $500 available for each office or department.

"This funding will make it easier for Duke employees to purchase small items that will go a long way towards making their workplace more sustainable," said Casey Roe, outreach coordinator for Sustainable Duke. "We encourage staff to seek the most sustainable items possible with the funding, such as recycled content products or gently used products from a local thrift store."

So far, 37 offices or departments have received a Green Workplace Certification.

To obtain funding for Green Workplace Certification, a representative from an office or department must apply for Green Grant funding by completing a form explaining their proposal and budget.

After funding is secured, the money should be earmarked for items to help an office or department obtain a Green Workplace Certification. Faculty and staff can earn certification by making changes in their workplace and attending a sustainability workshop, a free event that provides faculty and staff with information on:

  • Sustainability efforts at Duke University.
  • Personal changes to reduce environmental footprint at work.
  • Guiding departments through the Duke Green Workplace Certification process.
  • Starting and leading a "green team."
  • Resources provided by Sustainable Duke to assist in office greening.

Visit the Sustainable Duke website to learn more about the Green Grant Fund and Green Workplace Certification.