Apply to Live in the Smart Home

Online applications accepted through January 31

The Duke Smart Home Program is a research-based approach to smart living sponsored by the Pratt School of Engineering. Primarily focused on undergraduates, the program encourages students from different academic disciplines to form teams and explore smart ways to use technology in the home or around campus.More than just a program, the Smart Home is a dorm for undergraduate and graduate students. It is the only LEED Platinum certified dorm on campus. The house hosts ten students every school year from different majors. We are looking for students who are interested in sustainable living and developing technology. Living in the house does not mean you are obligated to start your own project, but rather provides the means, lab space, and community to do so.The Smart Home is accepting online applications to live in the dorm for the next school year (2013 - 2014). All students are encouraged to apply, Trinity and Pratt. The deadline is January 31. Further questions can be sent to