Website Provides University, Public 'Quick Facts About Duke'

Easy-to-read overview of key information and numbers on enrollment, finances, faculty, employees, more

Trying to find current information about Duke University's enrollment, tuition, faculty and other data can sometimes require wading through websites and emails from all over campus. But there's an easier way get this information. Quick Facts About Duke provides the university community, alumni, the public, the media and others with an easy-to-read overview of key Duke information and numbers. The website features the latest numbers and information for topics such as: -- undergraduate and graduate enrollment;-- most popular majors;-- number of employees and faculty;-- history of Duke;-- profiles of buildings.-- highlights including athletics championships and places to visit.  Duke's Office News & Communications updates the website several times a year as information becomes available.  "We maintain Quick Facts as a resource for the entire community, pulling together answers to the questions people often ask about Duke," said David Jarmul, associate vice president for news and communications. "It's an especially useful site for anyone preparing a brochure, writing a grant proposal or preparing other materials that require up-to-date facts about the university." Also available on the website is Duke at a Glance, a colorful, two-page PDF providing a condensed version of Quick Facts. It can easily be downloaded, printed and distributed to campus visitors, conference attendees and others.