Duke in Pictures: Parking Lot Improvements

Duke University Road parking lot gets new features

Work recently completed on upgrades to a portion of the Duke University Road parking lot, where Duke's Facilities Management planted new hedges, trees and 5-feet tall pillars featuring a traditional Duke stone facade. Six new pole lights were also added along the front of the lot.

Above, several of the 11 stone pillars are shown. They were installed with new metal posts and chains that cordon access along the edge of the parking lot. Part of the goal of the new pillars and chained posts is to enhance safety by having pedestrians cross at a designated crosswalk on Duke University Road.

In addition, the green space of the lot was improved by planting nearly 100 shrubs and trees. Two new emergency phones are also being installed.

"This seemed like a logical place to do something nice since it is such a high impact location," said Mark Hough, campus landscape architect. "The goal was to make the view looking across the street from Chapel Drive gates a little nicer. Hopefully this project makes that area look more like it is part of the Duke campus now."