The Week at Duke {in 60 Seconds}: Graduation Speaker; Lizards; Adventurous Alumnus

Juniors Danny Nolan and Audrey Adu-Appiah deliver a week's worth of campus news in a minute.

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Duke announced its 2013 commencement speaker. Melinda French Gates is a Duke alumna, former university trustee and co-chair of the Gates Foundation with her husband, Microsoft founder Bill Gates. The French Family Science Center on Duke's campus bears her family's name.The latest issue of Duke Magazine profiles alumnus Andrew Skurka. The two-thousand-and-three grad completes hikes stretching thousands of miles and was a 2008 National Geographic "Adventurer of the Year."If you’re into the new "Lincoln" movie, check out the recent talk by Duke Professor Paul Finkelman on "How a Railroad Lawyer Became the Great Emancipator."Duke researchers have found that a species of Puerto Rican lizards may be better able than suspected to tolerate temperature variations caused by climate change.And, Duke professor Kari Lock Morgan is out with a new textbook on statistics, which she co-wrote with her mother, father and two brothers. One of her brothers, Eric Lock, is a post-doctoral fellow at Duke.