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Student Honors and Laurels 2012


Vivek Bhattacharya was named a Barry M. Goldwater Scholar in Science, Mathematics and Engineering in 2011 for his undergraduate research in physics and economics. The national award provides up to $7,500 toward annual tuition and expenses.

Bhattacharya is an A.B. Duke Scholar double-majoring in physics and economics. With physicist Steffen Bass, he has been using his computer skills to model the extremely hot, dense soup of sub-atomic particles that existed a few millionths of a second after the Big Bang that created the universe.

Two other Duke members of the Class of 2012, Daphne Ezer and Farzan Beroz, were among the award's honorable mentions.


Daphne Ezer, a Duke senior who has already developed into a full-fledged computational biologist, won a Marshall Scholarship to complete two years of graduate study in genetics at the University of Cambridge.

A double major in biology and computer science, Ezer will work under the supervision of Cambridge researcher Boris Adryan to develop predictive models of how genes are turned on and off. She said she hopes to use artificial intelligence technologies to "predict the biological impact of a genetic mutation that we have never observed before."


Megan Keiko Morikawa, a member of Duke's class of 2012, received in 2011 the Udall Scholarship, which recognizes students who have demonstrated a commitment to careers in the environment, health care or Native American tribal public policy or health care.

Morikawa is Duke's first Udall scholar since 1999. Each scholarship provides up to $5,000 during the scholar's junior or senior year.  She is a Robertson Scholar at Duke who is pursuing a degree in environmental sciences with a focus on conservation biology and genetics.



Faculty Scholars

Two Duke undergraduates who have compiled an exception record of undergraduate research and scholarship have received the Faculty Scholar's award, the highest award given to students by the faculty.

The winners and their nominating department are: Vivek Bhattacharya (Economics/Physics) and Daphne Ezer (Computer Science/Biology); honorable mentions went to Veronica Ciocanel (Mathematics/French Studies) and David Womble (English).


African and African-American Studies

Daniel Forti won the John Hope Franklin Award for Academic Excellence

Brian Alexander Alston and Danielle Loretta Black received the Karla F. C. Holloway Award for University Service

Daniel Forti and Julius Langston Jones earned the Mary McLeod Bethune Writing Award


Air Force

Paramjit Kaur Bhullar was the Distinguished Military Graduate


Art, Art History and Visual Studies

Katherine Elaine Noel and Johnny M. Williams won the Mary Duke Biddle Foundation Visual Arts Award

Andrew Clayton Huff and Jessica P. G. Newman received the Nancy Kaneb Art History Award

Jessica P. G. Newman received the Duke Art, Law and Markets Initiative Award

Carmen Hernandez won the Sue and Lee Noel Prize in the Visual Arts Award

Aubrey Frazzitta received the Visual Studies Initiative Award


Arts of the Moving Image

Alex Junho Kim received the Outstanding Undergraduate Filmmaker Award



Matthew Lamar Daniels and Rebecca Claire Ward earned the ACC Plaque for Excellence, Scholarship and Athletics



Kiki Armstrong Contreras received the James B. Rast Memorial Award in Comparative Organismal Biology

Jason Chesler Klein earned the Edward C. Horn Memorial Prize for Excellence in Biology

Jamie Lee Peeler won the Excellence in Plant Science Prize

Alixandra Julieanna Jacobson earned the Maggie Schneider Award in Marine Biology

Tay Rong En won the The Biology Faculty Award



Joseph Price Mancini won the Asa T. Spaulding, Sr. Award for Leadership

Christina Ildiko Rausch received the Breeden Award in Finance

Alexander Emmett Ambroz and Wei Jie Chen received the Distinguished Service Award

Dean's Recognition Awards went to Bradley Alan Besel, Monica Andrea Burbano de Lara, Joseph Patrick Campion, Megan Falcon Forlines, Katherine Zagorski Freund, Alicia O. Hummel

Allison Marie Kidder, Ivan Georgiev Kotzev, Kelly Ann Munroe ,Matthew Douglas Portner, Nikeeta Sharma, Caroline Wilder Stone, Sarah Anna Varki and Sara Andrus Walcott

Dean's Leadership Awards went to Philwon Kim, Andrew Douglas Kole, Elizabeth Anne Oldenburg, Juliana Adwoa Adoma Taylor and Shuyu Zhang

Mark Russell Stern received the Keohane Leadership Award

John Patrick Higgins won the Alan D. Schwartz Award for Mentorship



Hai-Tsang Huang received the American Chemical Society Undergraduate Award in Analytical Chemistry

Anne Bragg Rohlfing won the American Chemical Society Undergraduate Award in Inorganic Chemistry

Merck Index Awards went to Max Bolun Liu, Anne Bragg Rohlfing, Nicholas James Shelburne and Amy Zheng Xu

Stephanie Clare Patterson won the Department of Chemistry Award

Tim Zhang received the Hypercube Scholar Award


Classical Studies

Caroline Lucia Fox earned the David Taggart Clark Prize in Classical Studies and the award for Outstanding Achievement in Classical Studies Award from the Classical Association of the Middle West and South

 Computer ScienceDaphne Ezer and Scott Brothers earned the Alex Vasilos Memorial Award           

Cultural Anthropology

Andrea Patino received the Judith E. McDade Prize in Cultural Anthropology

Allison Hall Kibbe earned the Paul Farmer Award for Justice and Social Responsibility



Danika Shay Monso-Brown received the Julia Wray Dance Award         

Alison Hall Kibbe won the Dance Writing Award

Betsy Boxberger won the Clay Taliaferro Dance Award



Brendan Winfield-Sult Case and Joseph Francis Longarino won the Award for Excellence in Bible Studies.

Erin Galgay Walsh earned the inaugural Richard P. Heitzenrater Award for Excellence in History

Stephanie Sarah Gehring and Sarah Stockton Howell received the Fellowship Seminarian Award

Tyler Kent Williams won the Hoyt Hickman Award for Excellence in Liturgics  

Gloria Elsa Thomas earned the Jameson Jones Preaching Award

McMurry Richey Awards went to Clifford W. Wall for Outstanding Student Pastor; Sweeney Jamison Doehring IV and Miriam Ann Smith for Outstanding Students in Field Education; and Bradley Charles Erickson for Outstanding Student in Missions.


Documentary Studies

Logan Edward Hasson earned the Julia Harper Day Award for Documentary Studies


Duke University Union

Billy Baumgartner and Alex Lark received the Hal Kammerer Memorial Prize For Film And Video Production


Earth and Ocean Sciences

Corinne Joyce Walden won the Thomas V. Laska Award



Gulnaar Kaur received the Holton Prize for Educational Research. Honorable Mention went to Max Bolun Liu and Kate Marie Newman.



Elizabeth Rachel Cobb and Jessica Anne Lehigh won the American Society of Civil Engineers Prize

Tianlun Tony Jiang and Vivek Govind Patel won the Helmholtz Award

Katrina Michelle Wisdom received the Otto Meier Jr., Tau Beta Pi Award

Amy Melissa Allen, Christopher Ransom Bayliss and William Greer Mackebee received the Aubrey E. Palmer Award

Steven Latta Schlaseman received the Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science Faculty Award

Amy Melissa Allen, Maria Megan Gibbs, Phyllis Damalesi Mbewe and Lauren Elisabeth Shwisberg earned the Eric I. Pas Award

Linda Bolin Ye earned the Theo Pilkington Award 

William Greer Mackebee received the William Brewster Snow Environmental Engineering Award

David Keith Piech won the Student Service Award 

Leigh Elizabeth Wiegert earned the David Randall Fuller Prize

Adam David Kurzrok and Andrew Garrett Mang received the Pi Tau Sigma Scholarship Award

Albert Kyungtaik Oh received the Charles Seager Memorial Award.  He also won the Charles Rowe Vail Memorial Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Award

Benjamin Maimon won the da Vinci Award

Benjamin Maimon and Steven Latta Schlaseman earnd the Walter J. Seeley Scholastic Award

Hazel Yuksel earned the George Sherrerd III Memorial Award in Electrical and Computer Engineering



Abram Wilson Smith received the William M. Blackburn Scholarship

David Avari Patrick Womble won the Barbara Herrnstein Smith Award for Literary Criticism and Theory

Shining Li, Rebecca Anne Scheuer and Connor Wroe Southard won the Anne Flexner Award for FictionSecond Place went to David Benjamin Rothschild

Amanda Egan received the Anne Flexner Award in Poetry. Second Place went to Malia Laina Lehrer

Ellie Beam earned the Welby Tyler Award in poetry

Amanda Sarah Auerbach also received the Most Original English Department Honors Thesis

Gareth Robert Livesay earned the Francis Pemberton Scholarship for Creative Writing

Shining Li received the Schutte Senior Creative Writing Award

Stefanie Engert was awarded the Stanley E. Fish Award for Outstanding Work in British Literature

Casey A. Williams received the Barbara Herrnstein Smith Award for Outstanding Work in Literary Criticism or Theory

Shreyan Sen received the Louis Budd American Literature Award

Ellie Beam received the Critical Essay Award



Oliver William Francis Wilson won the Sara LaBoskey Award


Global Health

Sarah Lombardo won the Master of Science in Global Health Best Thesis Award

Katherine Budolfson, Daniella Choi, Maab Ibrahim, Sonya Kothadia and Katyayani Papatla earned the Global Health Certificate Best Capstone Project Award for their project "The Extent of Sex Trafficking in NC: Framework for  Better Data Collection" 



Brianna Lane Nofil received the William T. Laprade Prize in History



Vivek Bhattacharya and Veronica Ciocanel won the Julia Dale Prize in Mathematics. Bhattacharya also for the third time received the Karl Menger Award for his exception performance in the William Lowell Putnam math competitions.


Military Science

Sarah W. Brubaker, Graham Taylor Custar, Louis Christopher Ortiz and Alexandra Ashraf Shams were named Distinguished Military Graduates

Louis Christopher Ortiz received the George C. Marshall Award



Paul Steven Leary earned the William Klenz Prize in Composition

Scott Michael Myers and Mingjuan Lisa Zhang received the Julia Wilkinson Mueller Prize for Excellence in Music

Martin Edward Connor won the Henry Schuman Music Prize

Greg Canal received the Anne Marie Parsons Memorial Prize


Nasher Museum of Art

Mary Rose Medearis Superfine and Nicole Y. Whang received the Mary Duke Biddle Foundation Summer Internship Award in Museum Studies

Sarah Soltis and Anne Elizabeth Drescher received the Trent A. and Susan L. Carmichael Internship


Naval Science

Christopher Lee Gierl received the American Veterans Award

Andrea Ellen Frkovich earned the CNO Distinguished Midshipman Graduate Award

Mark Joseph Baden received the Fred Knops Leadership Award

Walter Woodman Bruno won the Naval Submarine League Outstanding Achievement Award



Kaitlin Gallagher won the Annie Beery Bieber Award for Outstanding Leadership

Ginille Jasmin Lazaro and Allison Booth Stubberud received the Ruby L. Wilson Excellence in Clinical Practice Award

Ann Marie Poll received the Thelma Ingles Excellence in Clinical Expertise and Scholarly Activities Award


Political Science

Milen Valeriev Antov won the Alona E. Evans Prize in International Law. Honorable Mention went to Silvana Estefan Orozco and Margo Binder Werner.

Lyndsay Elaine Medlin won the Robert S. Rankin Award in American Government and Constitutional Law

Jonnah Gabrielle Hollander received the Robert S. Rankin Award in American, National, State, and Local Governments

Elizabeth Anne Reese earned the Robert S. Rankin American Government Award for Leadership and Academic Achievement

Kevin Plattenburg won the Elizabeth G. Verville Award   

The Ole R. Holsti Award in American Foreign Policy and International Relations went to Rongjie Chen, Alexandra Dawn Comolli, Iris Danni Lin and William O’Hara Young



The Karl E. Zener Award for Outstanding Performance of an Undergraduate Major in Psychology went to Emily Elizabeth Bray, Ashton Taylor-Misha Massey and Lindsay Jane Michalski


Public Policy Studies

Kate Arendt Ferguson won the award for Best Honors Thesis

Braveen Ragunanthan earned the Terry Sanford Leadership Award

Neel Nitin Mehta received the Joel Fleishman Distinguished Scholar Award. 


Romance Studies

Jennifer Michelle Morgan won the Robert J. Niess/Alexander Hull Award in French

Tyler Francis Hayes received the Guido Mazzoni Award in Italian

Megan Rose Weinand earned the Richard L. Predmore Award in Spanish


Theater Studies

Nathaniel Wilbur Hill received the Harold Brody Award for Excellence in Musical Theater

Kimberly Renee Solow won the John M. Clum Distinguished Drama Award

Ali Yalgin received the Dale B. J. Randall Award in Dramatic Literature and the Jody McAuliffe Award for Excellence in Directing

David Kenneth Schwartz earned the Reynolds Price Award

Jennifer Brianna Blocker and Evgenia Madorsky received the Outstanding Acting Student Award

Richard Spencer Paez won the Alex Cohen Award for Summer Initiatives in Theater


Trinity College of Arts and Sciences

Michael Donald McCreary won the Bascom Headen Palmer Literary Prize. Honorable Mention went to David Avari Patrick Womble

Amir Chireh Mehr won the James Rolleston Prize for Best Honors Thesis written in a Foreign Language

Edward H. Benenson Awards in the Arts went to Ashley Jane Brasier, Jennifer Brianna Blocker, Martin Edward Connor, Nathaniel Wilbur Hill, Monica Kathleene Hogan, Wanda Bongkyung Jin, Alison Hall Kibbe, Nusaibah Suleiman Kofar-Naisa, Jonathan Edward Lee, Katherine Elaine Noel, Braxton Deonte Shelley, Connor Wroe Southard, Eddie Yewei Wu, Ali Yalgin and Cameron Tucker Habib Zohoori

Monica Kathleene Hogan and Ali Yalgin received the Louis B. Sudler Prize in the Creative and Performing Arts


Women's Studies

Sunhay You and Precious Graham received the Dora Ann Little Award


Student Leadership

William J. Griffith University Service Awards went to Monica Bhutiani, Nathan Alexander French, Roger Look, Derek Kinwai Mong, Braveen Ragunanthan, Lindsay Sarah Tomson, Dania Christine Toth and Oliver William Francis Wilson

Student Affairs Distinguished Leadership And Service Awards went to Felicia A. Arriaga, Justin Gregory Harris, Risa Faye Isard, Ebonie Vera Simpson and Lindsay Sarah Tomson