Dean Of Students Has Served Duke More Than 30 Years

Sue Wasiolek loves students, athletics, the classroom - and chocolate

Sue Wasiolek seldom misses a Duke basketball game. Photo by Duke University Photography.
Sue Wasiolek seldom misses a Duke basketball game. Photo by Duke University Photography.


Name: Sue Wasiolek 

Position: Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students

Years at Duke: 39 (five as student)

What I do at Duke is: I work to help and support and advise students and their parents. I am part of a very strong group of student affairs professionals who want to make the Duke experience fun and meaningful. 

How I got my job at Duke is: I've been working at Duke since 1978, but I've only had three jobs. My first was in the Medical Center as a clinic manager. After about a year and a half, I moved to student affairs as an administrative assistant for the dean of students. Eight months later, the dean left Duke, and I became the interim dean. After doing it for a year, I decided I might as well apply, and I've been doing the job now for over 30 years. 

When I am not at work I like to: Exercise. I try to do some kind of workout every day. I am also a great spectator of sports. I travel with the Duke football team on away trips, and I attend all the basketball games I can as well. And I have a 93-year-old mother with whom I spend a great deal of time. I also enjoy going to the movies.

What I love about Duke is: I love Duke students and I love being a student myself. I have a bachelor's degree, a master of health administration and a master's of law (LLM) degree from Duke, along with a law degree from North Carolina Central University and a doctorate of education from the University of Pennsylvania. I love the classroom, and I love the ambition and spirit of Duke students. Their energy has sustained me for decades.

To start a conversation with me, someone should ask about: Athletics. My law degree in tax was on intercollegiate athletics and federal income tax policy and my doctoral dissertation was on the NCAA.  

If I could have one superpower it would be: The ability to run at super speed.  In the alternative, I'd like to live forever.

My first job was: I was a waitress at a Shoney's restaurant in Charlotte, NC. 

If I had $5 million I would: Give it to Duke. I would be torn between putting that money toward financial aid and building a new building on campus that supported student health and wellness.

One movie I love is:  A recent one that made me laugh -  "Joyful Noise" with Dolly Parton and Queen Latifah. It had a great message, without being heavy - it made me laugh and cry.

Something most people don't know about me is: A lot of people think I'm a health food nut, but I'm addicted to sweets. I love chocolate and eat it almost every day. 


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