Where At Duke Is The Blue Devil?

Flat Blue Devil visits the DukeCard office


The Flat Blue Devil is at the DukeCard office in the West Campus Union Building, getting a new DukeCard and learning about recent changes in office hours. While Donna Neal, a member of the DukeCard staff, handles some paperwork, Flat Blue Devil reads posted signs telling Duke community members to go to the service desk at the Link in Perkins Library for replacement IDs after 6 p.m. on weekdays or on weekends.

Full details about the changes to DukeCard office hours are on the DukeCard site, and DukeCard staff are happy to answer questions on (919) 684-5800.

About the "Flat Blue Devil"

The "Flat Blue Devil" makes appearances to showcase locations, resources, services and events of interest to the Duke community. You may also find Flat Blue Devil making stops at a global destination, or other places that hold importance to the community or history of Duke.

Part of the fun is faculty and staff can take Flat Blue Devil on an adventure - he can go anywhere, as long as there's a strong Duke connection.

Let us know where you'd like to take Flat Blue Devil, and we'll send him your way. Then please send him back to us or pass him to friends and co-workers who can show off more of Flat Blue Devil's journey.