Marcus Molchany Caught Green Handed with an Eco-Clamshell

Student Marcus Molchany was caught using a reusable eco-clamshell while ordering pizza at The Loop

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Marcus Molchany orders his pizza in an eco-clamshell at The Loop

Week 2 Winner - Marcus MolchanyYear: Class of 2012Major: Electrical and Computer Engineering and Computer Science DoubleHometown: Columbia, Maryland Marcus Molchany, a student in the class of 2012 at Duke, was caught ordering a pizza in an eco-clamshell from the Loop.  The Students for Sustainable Living asked Marcus a few questions before awarding him a reusable water bottle. How did you hear about the Eco-Clamshell?I saw the posters in the Great Hall, and was interested.  A friend of mine recently recommended that I start using them, as a way to reduce my carbon footprint.  Since there was no hassle involved, I figured, why not? What other steps do you take to be sustainable?I recycle, turn off the lights when I leave a room, and I drink tap water.  If I'm on the go, I tend to reuse a Dasani bottle, but now that you are giving me this bottle I'll be using a Sustainable Duke bottle instead.If you could make one thing on campus more sustainable, what would it be?Easier ways to recycle for sure. Especially on Central, it's miserable out there.Will you be caught green handed next? Get Caught Green Handed is an initiative of Students for Sustainable Living created to reward sustainability actions at Duke. Get caught doing something eco-friendly, and receive great prizes including t-shirts, stainless steel water bottles and reusable grocery bags!  It's simple, just take actions throughout the day to reduce your environmental footprint and with a little luck, you could be caught GREEN HANDED! The contest will continue on a weekly basis throughout the fall semester.