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Bryan Center Reopens After Bomb Threat (Update)

Bryan Center Reopens After Bomb Threat (Update)

Police believe threat a hoax 

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Durham, NC -  

[Update: Saturday, 1:20 p.m.]

The Bryan Center on West Campus has reopened without incident after a search of the building following Saturday's bomb threat.

A bomb-sniffing dog from the city of Raleigh Police Department was deployed, and police officers conducted a hand-search of the building, said Kyle Cavanaugh, vice president for administration and Duke's emergency coordinator.

"We completed a through review and search of the building and found no evidence of a problem," Cavanaugh said.

The Duke University Police Department is continuing the investigation.


Police are currently investigating an anonymous threat of a bomb in the Bryan Center on West Campus.

Police believe the threat is a hoax but to be cautious, the Bryan Center has been evacuated, and the building is closed until further notice.

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