Not Mine Or Yours: It's `WeCar'

Duke introduces new car-sharing program with electric vehicles


Duke is replacing its car-sharing service in August with WeCar, which is operated by Enterprise Rent-A-Car. 

Brian Williams, Duke's transportation demand management coordinator, said the change from Zipcar to WeCar comes after receiving feedback from Duke community members who want more options in a campus car-sharing program. 

The new service provides Duke with 16 vehicles that can be rented by students, faculty and staff. The WeCar vehicles will be spread across Duke, including West, Central and East campuses, as well as the Health System.

The WeCar by Enterprise fleet will include the new Chevrolet Volt, which operates two ways: EV mode (battery powered) and extended-range (gasoline powered). Vehicles are expected to arrive around Aug. 15.

"Duke is always looking for new ways to make it easy for students, faculty and staff to make a sustainable change to the way they commute," Williams said. "WeCar is one more convenient alternative transportation option Duke students and employees have at their disposal that allows them to leave their car at home." 

WeCar by Enterprise works like other car-sharing programs: vehicles are reserved online, accessed using a membership card and returned to the same location where it was picked up. WeCar offers several enhancements that make it more convenient for students and employees to leave their cars at home:

  • More cars on campus 
  • Longer reservations (up to seven days instead of four)
  • Higher daily mileage limit (200 instead of 180)
  • Cheaper overnight rate, depending on model 
  • Local approval for international driver participation
  • Access for employees and students 18 years old and up to rentals from a nearby Enterprise-Rent-A-Car location (WeCar membership not required)
  • Streamlined membership application; only valid driver's license required for membership 

Rentals cost $8 to $10 an hour or $66 to $72 per day, depending on vehicle model. After the first 200 miles, the cost is 35 cents per mile. Fuel, maintenance and basic liability coverage are included. All memberships, reservations and payments are administered and managed by WeCar.

As part of the transition, Zipcar vehicles will be removed from campus at the end of August. Students and employees who are current Zipcar members may join WeCar but must take some steps (see the sidebar) regarding Zipcar membership and credits. 

Duke community members new to car-sharing can join WeCar now online  for a $35 annual membership fee. The fee will be refunded with a free $35 driving credit on the new account.

"With all of the different types of trips we make - whether a short trip to the store or a long trip to the beach - Duke students and employees want the most choices possible," Williams said. "With WeCar, we'll have lots of vehicles, rental options and affordable rates to make those trips easy." 

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