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The Short List -- Week of 2/18/2013

The Short List -- Week of 2/18/2013

Your weekly update from Duke Today Students

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- Week of February 17 

Monday, Feb. 18
Summer Registration Begins
Are you taking summer classes? You need to sign up.

Monday through Friday
Book free rides to/from RDU Airport for Spring Break.
Reserve Parking and Transportation spots for 3/8 and 3/17.

Wednesday, Feb. 20
Duke Conference on Sustainable Business and Social Impact
One day Fuqua program on careers that create social change.

Friday, Feb. 22
FAC Applications Due
Apply to be a First-year Advisory Counselor.

Saturday, Feb. 23
Lunar New Year 2013
Celebrate Year of the Snake. Asian Student Association's largest event of the year.

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