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How Duke Pep Band Fuels the Crazies

During basketball season, Duke musicians unleash their energy on fans

Staff Go Extra Mile During Winter Weather

Many staffers helped keep things normal for students during big storm

Highlighting the Value of a Duke Education

Sarah Rimawi '16 and other undergrads talk about the Duke difference

Lost Property? Here’s Where to Find It

Map highlights lost and found locations across Duke

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Student Spotlight

Laurel Kaye, T'15, Selected As Finalist for Mars Expedition

February 19, 2015Laurel, a senior studying physics and pre-medicine at Duke, has always wanted to be an astronaut. Now she is closer to her dream than ever before. From an applicant pool of over 200,000 people, she was selected as one of 100 finalists for 24 final spots for a one-way ticket on the Mars One expedition. She says, "Above all I am interested in going to Mars and living there." [More]

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Student Voices

  • Lucila Houttuijn Bloemendaal, Alma Paola Vázquez, & Carlos Barrero, '18

    Well, I originally came to North Carolina because I wanted to visit UNC. My best friend, her father, and I came to North Carolina and had an extra day to visit anything we wanted and we decided to...

  • Anika Ayyar, '18

    Hi! My name is Anika Ayyar and I am currently a Duke freshman. I grew up in warm, lovely Saratoga, California, where I picked up my love for long distance running, organic farming, and the ocean....

  • Claire Gonzales, '15

    When forming opinions about the plastic bag ban, I wish California voters could get to know the leatherback at Stake 186. I often find myself thinking about her, wondering where she is and how the...

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Max Schreiber

I’m pleased to announce the Duke IFC has endorsed Keizra...

Alex Griffith

Although their proposal to divest the University...