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Not Sufficient to Oppose Violence, Student Says

 Junior Sarah Hakani says Muslims need to oppose homophobia, too

Duke's Global Soccer Ambassadors

In an international friendly, Women's Soccer and Beijing University battle to 1-1 draw

Duke Student Synthesizes Music & Machinery

Sophomore excites Moogfest visitors with his restoration of synthesizer

Academic Dean Sews Lasting Gift for Dorm

Sabrina Thomas designed quilt for Jarvis Residence Hall with student help

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Student Spotlight

Rohini Paul, DukeEngage

Rising Junior Shares Personal DukeEngage Lesson

June 6, 2016Rohini Paul, a neuroscience major, spent a summer working with young girls in California and learned powerful lessons about relationship-building and self identity. [More]

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Duke Campaign Stop 2016

  • Elizabeth Barahona '17

    Trump’s hate speech woke up millions of sleeping Latinos in the U.S. who previously were socially and politically asleep — indifferent, dispassionate and parochial.

  • Julian Keeley T'17

    Bernie Sanders’ policies are not simply ineffective; they are also reckless.

  • Imani Moise T'16

    The past two general elections have proven that social media can be a powerful tool for candidates, but can it be used as a predictive measure?

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Jake Herb

If anyone was sleeping on the Blue Devils this season,...

Alex Griffith

The second-largest class in University history filled...

Joins Duke Tennis Program in August
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Liston, Lynx Honored at White House