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Scholars of Distinction

9 students featured in new Office of Undergraduate Scholars & Fellows magazine

The Student Behind 2014 Duke Art Festival

Junior Justin Sandulli's arts leadership in and out of the classroom 

A Hopeful Homecoming

Duke Senior Laxmi Rajak returns to Nepal to research educational inequality

The short List...

For the week of November 17, 2014

Events & Deadlines from DukeToday Students

Student Spotlight

Emily Feng

Student Perspective on Occupy Hong Kong

November 18, 2014Senior Public Policy major Emily Feng analyzes Hong Kong's student protests [More]

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Student Voices

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Amrith Ramkumar

INDIANAPOLIS—Youth and athleticism met experience and...

Mary Ziemba

“Suppose that there were a pill that you could take...

Game Notes vs. North Carolina
Thursday at 7 PM at Old Dominion
Eight Schools Headed to Nike Cup Invite