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‘Fun Home’ Picked for Class of 2019 Summer Reading

Incoming first-years will read Alison Bechdel's "tragicomic memoir"

Seniors Win New Duke Science Journalism Award

Anastasia Lambrou and Joshua Latner's Ebola video took first

Document Duke 360 on Display

Photos documenting university life to go on exhibit in Allen Building Gallery

Seniors Create App for Wifi-less Travelers

Initial funds for SMSmart for Androids came from I&E grant

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For the week of March 30, 2015

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Student Spotlight

Double School Double Major, Woojin Kim, T'15

March 31, 2015As a Robertson Scholar, senior Woojin Kim is not only bridging the divide between Duke and UNC, but is also joining the disparate disciplines of creative writing and economics to make sense of the role identity can play in structuring society. Watch his Scholar Spotlight video to find out how he ponders culture and why he can't imagine not having been a Robertson. [More]

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    I present to you (some) of the promo pictures for Duke Africa's annual Jabulani Show. This year's theme for the African Exposition presented by Duke Africa is "The Sisterhood Of The Traveling...

  • Lucila Houttuijn Bloemendaal, Alma Paola Vázquez, & Carlos Barrero, '18

    Well, I originally came to North Carolina because I wanted to visit UNC. My best friend, her father, and I came to North Carolina and had an extra day to visit anything we wanted and we decided to...

  • Anika Ayyar, '18

    Hi! My name is Anika Ayyar and I am currently a Duke freshman. I grew up in warm, lovely Saratoga, California, where I picked up my love for long distance running, organic farming, and the ocean....

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