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Student Spotlight

Senior Katherine Lin’s Alzheimer’s Research Internationally Recognized

August 24, 2015Katherine Lin, '16, presented her work at the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference in Washington July 18-23 alongside experts from around the world. Her findings shed light on gender differences in Alzheimer’s, a disease that afflicts an estimated 5.3 million Americans—almost two-thirds of whom are women. Click to read the Duke Chronicle story. [More]

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Student Voices

  • Courtney Trutna, P'17

    During an activity this week called “Cross the Line”, I got a glimpse of the history and future of the campers I’ve been working with. The premise is simple: cross a line on the floor of the gym...

  • Shanen Ganapathee, T'17

    On the first day of the wonderful experience that was the Scholars Tertiary Convening we were asked: “What are values?” In my mind, values were a solid, cold, and massive anchor that, buried deep...

  • Cathy Li, T'16

    The trip to Berlin definitely has changed my plan for the rest of my studying at Duke. Now I will continue learning German, after my attempt to get away with the annoying graduation requirement. I...

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