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Blue Devil of the Week

After Jim Bjurstrom retired from the Durham Police Department as a deputy chief in 2011, he came to Duke. He monitors patrol assignments on campus, service calls and weather during Athletic games, among other duties. “Here, you’re responsible for every building, you’re responsible for every student, every employee,” Bjurstrom said. “We’re a rather large police agency compared to others in the state. It’s a city.” [More]

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The Road to the Midterms, 2014

A series follows students on the campaign trail, faculty and alumni on the key issues

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Duke Employees Discuss the Importance of Health Care Coverage

Four Duke employees discuss overcoming cancer to surviving a bicycle accident, and why it's important to be enrolled in a health care plan at Duke. Duke's Open Enrollment for health benefits runs Oct. 27 to Nov. 7.

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