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Talk of the Campus

DIW Office Connects Duke Experts to Washington

March 6, 2015From talking about counter-terrorism to legislation on pharmaceuticals, Duke faculty are using the Duke in Washington office to get connected to policymakers. [More]

Featured in 'working'

Five Free, Fun Things at Duke in March

From a labyrinth walk to talks about the brain, take time for a free campus event in March

From the Gallery

In the Stands with Duke's Pep Band

The Duke Pep Band has been a university institution since the 1960s. The musicians feed the energy within Cameron Indoor Stadium and among the Cameron Crazies, and the band pulls from a repertoire of about 40 songs for any Duke men's and women's basketball home game. Learn more about the Duke Pep Band's musicians and history.

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Humanities & Social Sciences

The Legacy of Malcolm X

Duke faculty and visiting scholars mark the 50th anniversary of the assassination of Malcolm X.

Humanities & Social Sciences

Careers in Non Profits for Humanities and Social Sciences PhDs

Scholars discuss what possible career paths in non-profits for new Ph.Ds.

Campus News

#Duke360 Photos

Another day, another photo showing life at Duke University, all through the 2015 year.

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