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Talk of the Campus

From the Nasher to the Whitney Museum

October 2, 2015The Archibald Motley exhibit, organized by Duke's Richard Powell and launched on tour at the Nasher Museum, is now at the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York, and it's drawing raves. Read The New York Times review, which praises it for a "distinctive atmosphere and a complicated political and moral tenor." [More]

Featured in 'working'

Five Free, Fun Things at Duke in October

The month includes family events in Durham, Halloween screams on campus

From the Gallery

Watch the Founders' Day Ceremony Friday

Watch the 2015 Founders' Day ceremony.  US Archivist David Ferriero will speak at the annual event.

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Politics & Public Policy

The Iranian Nuclear Deal

Nasser Hadian, a prominent professor at the University of Tehran, joins Peter Feaver and Mark Emamian in a panel discussion

Politics & Public Policy

Workshop Examines the “Language of Genocide”

An interdisciplinary group of Kenan Institute faculty and students held a day-long workshop on the 'language of genocide.'


The Education Begins for the Class of 2019

Watch the undergraduate convocation held in Cameron Indoor Stadium.

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