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Talk of the Campus

Anatomy of an Avalanche

October 15, 2014This 3-D rendering of beads is colorful, beautiful and explains the forces that occur in phenomena such as the jamming of grain hoppers or the early warning signs of earthquakes and avalanches. Read more about the research of physicists Jonathan Barés and Robert Behringer. [More]

From the Gallery

Becca Ward On What Fencing Taught Her About Politics

Fencing prepared Duke alumna Becca Ward, a legislative correspondent for Sen. Jeff Merkley (D-Ore.) for Capitol Hill. What was skill did she learn? Mind games. From the What's Your Forever campaign.

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Natural Sciences

Women Don't Stick With the Sciences. Here's Why

Biology grad student Rotem  Ben-Shachar examines causes of "the leaky pipeline."

Natural Sciences

Revealing the Mystery Behind Duke's Camel Statue

A new plaque at the mysterious camel statue outside Bio Sci Building tells the story of Knut Schmidt-Nielsen.

Duke Leadership

Martha Monserrate on Engineering and Duke's Traditions

Duke trustee on collaboration between engineers and non-engineers at Duke