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Talk of the Campus

Dan Ariely: Are Liars Bad People or Just Human?

May 26, 2015In the trailer for a new movie, Dan Ariely and a team of scientists shed a light on our collective dishonesty, ultimately discovering the complicated truths behind our lies. [More]

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How Do You Spend Your #DukeTimeOff?

Share photos of vacation, hobbies and passions and win prizes this summer

From the Gallery

Duke's May Music Wednesdays

Arts & Health at Duke, which brings the arts to the hallways and patient rooms of Duke Medicine, is presenting May lunchtime concerts in the Trent Semans Center plaza. 

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The Influence of Africa in Brazilian Art, 1960s and '70s

Franklin Humanities panelists explain why "You can't imagine Brazilian art without Africa."


Student Speaker: 'Vision Without Execution Is Just a Hallucination'

Senior Andrew Kragie on how Duke changed the way he saw the world


Celebrating 15 Years of Metamaterials

Sir John Pendry and Pratt School's David Smith discuss metamaterials breakthroughs such as invisibility cloaks and miniaturized flat antennas.

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