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Talk of the Campus

60 Minutes: Killing Cancer

Duke University Treats Cancer with Polio Virus

March 30, 2015CBS's news show "60 Minutes" features a Duke patient whose brain tumor is responding to an unusual therapy using a modified poliovirus to kill the cancer cells. [More]

Featured in 'working'

Traveling? Plug into Duke Global IT Support

OIT offers tools and tips to students and employees traveling on Duke business

From the Gallery

Writing Advice For Students From Tony Kushner

Speaking at the Sanford School, Pulitzer-winning playwright Tony Kushner he gave insight into the process of writing.

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Duke Leadership

Brodhead: A Shared Fate Between Academics, Athletics, Medicine and Location

In annual address to faculty, president discusses university's connection with medicine, sports and Durham


Dellinger, Leuchtenburg on Franklin

To mark the centenary of John Hope Franklin's birth, Walter Dellinger and William Leuchtenburg reflect upon the course that the three of them taught at Duke Law.


Blake Wilson on Engineering for the Hearing Impaired

Cochlear implant pioneer Blake Wilson delivers the Pratt School's 75th anniversary lecture

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