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Talk of the Campus

Dancing Duke Economics Professor Overcomes Vision Challenges

August 30, 2015From swing dancing and long-distance running to studying and teaching game theory, Curtis Taylor overcomes vision challenges. [More]

Featured in 'working'

How Duke Admissions Created the Class of 2019

Behind-the-scenes look at year-round process to fill 1,750 spots from 31,178 applications

From the Gallery

Duke University Global Baton: Scenes from the Summer

The Duke University Global Baton is a collaborative Instagram project showcasing the Duke community’s travels, adventures and daily lives around the world. Together we traveled the circumference of the world—24,900 miles—in 90 days.

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Politics & Public Policy

Melissa Harris-Perry Talks to the Class of 2019

The MSNBC host tells first-year students of the value of listening


The Education Begins for the Class of 2019

Watch the undergraduate convocation held in Cameron Indoor Stadium.

Health & Medicine

New Dean Thomas Coffman on Education at Duke-NUS

After his first week as dean, Dr. Coffman talks about the direction of Duke-NUS.

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