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Talk of the Campus

Futurity Research News Site Turns Five

September 16, 2014In September 2009, Duke joined other major research universities to launch the Futurity website. Five years later, the site has attracted millions of readers to university research stories. [More]

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Find Good Deals on DukeList

The Duke classifieds site includes for sale items, vacation rentals, lost and found, and more

From the Gallery

David Rubenstein on Entrepreneurship

David Rubenstein, the chair of Duke’s board of trustees, explains why the university is so interested in innovation and entrepreneurship – and what it hopes to accomplish through its growing campus-wide initiative. 

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Queering Duke History

A special website explores the history of LGBTQ life a Duke, a history that runs deep but remains largely unknown

Civic Engagement

President Brodhead Speaks to Veterans

President Richard Brodhead speaks to the opportunities available to veterans at Duke.

Campus News

What Gives College Value?

Admissions Dean Christoph Guttentag joins a PBS twitter chat on the benefits of a liberal arts education

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