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Talk of the Campus

Creeping Fat

November 20, 2014This photo shows the invasion of fat cells into the pancreas where they can start breaking down the production of insulin. Researcher James Minchin took the photo as part of his work on genetic and environmental sources of obesity. Read more inside. [More]

Featured in 'working'

Duke in Pics: Duke-UNC Football Rivalry

Football fans have packed the stadium for decades to watch the teams face off

From the Gallery

Goodbye Zoboomafoo; Black Friday Advice: The Week at Duke {in 60 Seconds}

Student broadcasters report on the death of a beloved lemur and the rest of the news from the week at Duke.

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Duke Leadership

Brodhead at Notre Dame: The Once and Future Liberal Arts

At Notre Dame, President Brodhead has a message: Don't abandon the liberal arts

Durham & the Region

Howard Fuller’s Activism at Duke and Beyond

Howard Fuller discusses his experiences working for racial justice and social change as a young activist in Durham in the 1960s


The Age of Sensing

Scholars visited Duke in October to discuss how remote sensing technology is opening new avenues of research in archeology

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