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Talk of the Campus

The Sculptor at Work

January 23, 2015We're following visiting artist-in-residence Simon Verity as he recreates the head of an angel statue that was once a part of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris and is now part of the Nasher Museum's Brummer Collection. We're posting a new photo every day so you can see the progress. [More]

Featured in 'working'

Duke Campus Farm Continues to Grow

New farm manager hopes to increase attention on education, engagement

From the Gallery

There's More to Lightning Than Meets the Eye

Pratt Professor Steve Cummer and researcher Fanchao Lyu, have devised a ground sensor system and data processing system that can track the sources of radio wave emissions with more precision than ever before.

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Campus News

#Duke360 Photos

Another day, another photo showing life at Duke University, all through the 2015 year.


A Service of Remembrance for Haiti Earthquake

Duke Haiti Lab and Duke Chapel host a worship service to remember the victims of the Haitian earthquake.

Politics & Public Policy

The Future of Two States

Journalist Ethan Bronner discusses the consequences of the growing separation between Palestinians and Israelis.

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