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Are you a reporter working on a story? Here's where you find help from Duke.

Talk of the Campus

The Subnature Smokehouse

October 1, 2014Have you seen the smokehouse aside Allen Building? Here's the story of how an unusual academic project from a humanities lab created the space. [More]

Featured in 'working'

Partnering with Duke Police to Enhance Campus Safety

Learn more about campus safety and police outreach services during Crime Prevention Month

Noteworthy SEE ARCHIVE

Natural Sciences

Revealing the Mystery Behind Duke's Camel Statue

A new plaque at the mysterious camel statue outside Bio Sci Building tells the story of Knut Schmidt-Nielsen.

Duke Leadership

Martha Monserrate on Engineering and Duke's Traditions

Duke trustee on collaboration between engineers and non-engineers at Duke


Civil Rights, Duke, and Durham in the 1960s

A conversation with Professor Joseph Blocher and Wade Penny, '60, about the historic 1966 civil rights case, Klopfer v. North Carolina.

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