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Talk of the Campus

Poisonous Debt That 'Makes It Expensive to Be Poor'

February 9, 2016Ancient Biblical texts warn against usury. The concept is relevant contemporary America, where exorbitant interest rates make it "very expensive to be poor," says Luke Bretherton in the latest "Glad You Asked." [More]

Featured in 'working'

At Duke, I Love…

We asked. Employees answered, sharing Valentine’s sentiments about campus and colleagues

Campaign Stop 2016

Visit Campaign Stop 2016

Sanford Dean Kelly Brownell talks with the US top fiscal watchdog. 


From the Gallery

K-Ville Cam: Snow in K-Ville

On January 22, a camera on top of Coach K's office captured this time-lapse as the year’s first snow descended on K-Ville and blanketed the first tents. Students were excused from tenting during that time, though many ventured out to enjoy the winter wonderland.

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Durham & the Region

Durham, From a Duke Perspective

A new Duke website introduces prospective students, faculty and staff to Durham

Campus News

Martin Luther King Jr. Day at Duke

Watch Shaun Harper, President Richard H. Brodhead and others speak at the 2016 MLK commemoration

Humanities & Social Sciences

Orhan Pamuk on his Novels, Istanbul & the Preservation of Memories

Nobel Laureate Orhan Pamuk talks with Duke Professor Erdag Goknar about his home town and his fiction

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