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Talk of the Campus

Five Days of Preservation

July 23, 2014Librarians across the country were challenges to post one photo a day for five days to showcase the work of preservationists. From old pin cushions to digitizing new books, see what Duke librarians came up with. [More]

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Get Your Office’s Star Performer in the Spotlight

Duke football wants an honorary employee captain

From the Gallery

Marine Biologist Jenni Brandon on Why Duke, Why Marine Biology

Marine biologist and Duke alumna Jenni Brandon, currently studying at the Scripps Institute, offers career guidance and advice to girls.

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Drug-Seeking in the Emergency Room

Fuqua Professor David McAdams discusses ways to change the game of the prescription drug epidemic.


Jason Byassee: Building a trail and a community

A Duke Divinity fellow talks about what happened when a congregation and a community work together to build a hiking trail


Amateurism in College Athletics: Is this the End?

Duke faculty and alumni discuss the future of collegiate athletics.