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Talk of the Campus

Nasher Museum Closed May 18-21 for Gallery Renovations

May 4, 2015The Nasher Museum of Art, including the store and cafe, will be closed May 18-21 for gallery renovations. [More]

Featured in 'working'

Preserving Duke's Past for its Future

First major restoration of Duke Chapel begins May 11

From the Gallery

David Reeves: Inside the World of Coach Cut

In the latest video from Duke Forward, senior David Reeves Jr. starter at tight end for Duke Football, gives the inside scoop on what Coach Cut is like behind the scenes

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Celebrating 15 Years of Metamaterials

Sir John Pendry and Pratt School's David Smith discuss metamaterials breakthroughs such as invisibility cloaks and miniaturized flat antennas.

Humanities & Social Sciences

The Origin of International Studies at Duke

Craufurd Goodwin outlines his involvement in starting the Center for International Studies at Duke in the 1960's.

Politics & Public Policy

Mitt Romney on Politics and Foreign Affairs

The former Republican presidential nominee talks with Duke Professor Peter Feaver at the Ambassador Dave and Kay Phillips Family International Lecture

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