Honors and Laurels Earned by the Class of 2024

National, university and departmental awards presented to members of the Class of 2024

National and departmental award winners: Ariella Chukwuma, Daniel Collins, Chloe Nguyen, Staci Grimes and Kristin Zhu

Nationally Competitive Scholarships

Mitchell Scholarship: Chloe Nguyen will do graduate work in Ireland specializing in technology, privacy and internet law. (Read more in Duke Today.)

Goldwater Scholarship: Sofia Guerrero received the scholarship that encourages students to pursue careers in the fields of mathematics, the natural sciences and engineering. (Awarded in 2023. Read more in Duke Today.)

Udall Scholarship: Ariella Chukwuma received the award for students who have demonstrated a commitment to careers in the environment, health care or Native American tribal public policy or health care. (Awarded in 2023. Read more in Duke Today.)

Knight-Hennessy Scholarship: Daniel Collins will do graduate work in ocean studies at Stanford. University. (Read more in Duke Today.)

Schwarzman Scholarship: Sejal Mayer-Patel will do graduate study on global affairs in China (Read more in Duke Today.)

Gaither Fellowship: Kristin Zhu will work with the American Statecraft program, where she hopes to contribute to the Pivotal States series and research gaps in American foreign policy. (Read more on the OUSF website.)

Departmental Awards

African and African American Studies

John Hope Franklin Award for Academic Excellence: Tashia Ayanna Ethridge

Mary McLeod Bethune Writing Award: Sanceray Sanai Smith

Walter C. Burford Award for Community Service: Khilan Jamaar Walker, Moorea Rose Mitchell

Art, Art History & Visual Studies

Mary Duke Biddle Foundation Visual Art Award: Gabriella Caroleena Underwood

Nancy Kaneb Art History Award: Ruth Sarah Player

Sue and Lee Noel Prize in Visual Arts: Elayna Yilan Lei

Visual Studies & Media Studies Award: Malynda Ellen Wollert, Willa Fabian Gilbert-Goldstein

Rodger Frey Film Essay Award: Annie Zhang

Sue and Lee Noel Prize in Visual Arts: Elayna Yilan Lei


ACC Plaque for Excellence, Scholarship and Athletics: CJake Anthony Naso and Brianna Danielle Smith

Bass Connections

Excellence in Collaborative Leadership Award: Rachael Ellen Lau

Student Research Award: Thanh-Nhu Tran Bui, Erika Lili Berlik, Zixin Zhang, Shuaichen Liao ,Micaela Elanor Simeone, Kashyap Sreeram, Chloe Williams, Keena Gao, Emily Rose Hallock, Sunggun Lee, Darienne Rae Rogers, Rohan Gupta and Sujay Alluri


Edward C. Horn Memorial Prize for Excellence in Biology: Zachary Mathias Pracher

Excellence in Plant Science Prize: Mira Isabel Polishook

James B. Rast Memorial Award in Comparative Organismal Biology: Brennan David McDonald

Maggie Schneider Award in Marine Biology: Catalina Rose Lopez

Biology Faculty Award: Anna Clare Sparling

Biostatistics and Bioinformatics

Overall Academic Excellence Award: Ryan Butcher, Molly Ehrig, Hui Huang, Alexander Joseph Thomson, and Danielle Jayne Vaithilingam

Student Leadership Award: Alexandra Sarai Da Silva, Catherine Gervais

Most Outstanding Master's Project Award for Clinical & Translational Research: Hui Huang. Honorable Mention: Catherine Gervais

Most Outstanding Master's Project Award for Methodology: Qin Wang. Honorable Mention: Caroline Anne Falvey

Most Outstanding Master's Project Award for Biomedical Data Science: Alexander Joseph Thomson, Yilong Qu

Office of Health Professions Advising             

Raymond Lublin, M.D. Award: Anna Clare Sparling

Classical Studies         

Classical Association of the Middle West and South Award for Outstanding Accomplishment in Classical Studies: Stephanie Allison Morgan, Jacob Alexander Rosenzweig

David Taggart Clark Prize in Classical Studies: Stephanie Allison Morgan, Jacob Alexander Rosenzweig

Anthony Fauci Award in STEM and Classics: Stephanie Allison Morgan

Computer Science     

Alex Vasilos Memorial Award: Yuxi Long, Muhang Tian, Shiyou Wu, Chloe Qinyu Zhu

Rebecca DeNardis Memorial Award: Andrew John Fate-Bolognone, Brandon Derick Lopez, Joshua Oshotse, Alyssa Wang Zhao

Cultural Anthropology               

Judith McDade Prize in Cultural Anthropology: Sebastian-San Miguel, Malynda Ellen Wollert

Paul Farmer Award for Justice and Social Responsibility: Corali Salomé Francisco-Zelkin, Huiyin Zhou

Doctor of Physical Therapy   

ACAPT National Student Honor Society: Alyssa Marie Bush, Madison Rose Catalano, Brielle Rose Ciccio, Miles Scott Moore, Shannan Leigh Mueller and Hope Wendy Reynolds

Helen Kaiser Alumni Award: Kimberlyn Michelle Hayes

Jan Gwyer Student Recognition Award for Academic, Clinical, and Scholarly Excellence: Hope Wendy Reynolds, Miles Scott Moore

Robert Bartlett Student Recognition Award for Service and Leadership Excellence: Wesley Joseph Bell-Pritzlaff

DPT Inclusive Excellence Award: Razan Mazin Fayyad

Documentary Studies               

Julia Harper Day Award for Documentary Studies: Staci Grimes

Duke Arts          

Benenson Award in the Arts: Huiyin Zhou, Staci Grimes, Keena Gao, Ruby Wang, Yixuan Sun, Foxx Hart, Catherine Suzanne Grafe Knothe

Duke Divinity School

Award for Excellence in Bible- Old Testament: William Paul Vines Sharkey

Award for Excellence in Bible-New Testament: Katherine Jane Bracy Limkeman

Award for Outstanding Student in Theology: Joseph Neil Reigle

Award for Excellence in Worship and Liturgical Leadership: Leah Benn Miller

Jameson Jones Preaching Award: Beth Regena Glenn, Katherine Christine Mangum

Hoyt Hickman Award for Excellence in Liturgics: Patrice Elizabeth Turner

McMurry Richey Award in Field Education: Emily Lynn Stambaugh

McMurry Richey Award in Missions: Britt Anliza Taylor

McMurry Richey Award in Student Pastor: Evan A. Smith

Seminarian Award of the Fellowship of United Methodist in Music and Worship Arts: Leah Benn Miller

Frederick Buechner Writing Award: Jaime Steiert McGlothlin, Vivian Grace Saxon

Duke Global Health Institute                 

Madeline Boccuzzi Outstanding Master of Science in Global Health Student Award: Pamela Maria Espinoza Gonzalez

Earth and Climate Sciences

Thomas V. Laska Award: Emily Marie Nagamoto


Master's Program Award for Leadership: Timothy Chiu Ching-Lih Kusuma, Yuhao Zheng, Uyanga Gansukh

Master's Program Award for Academic Excellence: Yangfan Wang

Edward Tower Best Thesis Award: Marcos Hirai Catao

Craufurd Goodwin Distinction in Research Award : Lilia Yimin Qian

Best Thesis Finalist: Jakobe Zamir Bussey, Zixin Zhao

Outstanding Honors Poster – Faculty Choice: Heera Rajavel

Outstanding Honors Poster – Student Choice: Lucas Michael Johnson


Award for Most Original Honors Thesis: Heidi Ann Smith

Victor Strandberg Award for Excellence in the Literary Arts: Marina Jinghang Chen, Sita Conde

Barbara Hernnstein Smith Award for Outstanding Work in Literary Criticism or Theory: Skijler John Hutson

Stanley E. Fish Award for Outstanding Work in British & Anglophone Literature: Eliana Alex Genatt

Louis J. Budd Award for Outstanding Work in American Literature: Madeline Rubin, Milla Surjadi

George P. Lucaci Award for Creative Nonfiction: Ruby Wang. Second Prize: Rowan Huang

Anne Flexner Memorial Award for Poetry: Jocelyn Andrea Chin

Anne Flexner Memorial Award for Fiction: Makee Gonzalez Anderson

Reynolds Price Award for Fiction: Tomas Elias Esber

Academy of American Poets Prize: Nima Babajani-Feremi

Evolutionary Anthropology    

Mossé Award for Excellence in Research in Evolutionary Anthropology: Elizabeth Anne Siebeneck, Rachel Lorraine Poutre

Fuqua School of Business     

Alan D. Schwartz Award for Mentorship: Bhavna Tripathy

Asa T. Spaulding, Sr. Award for Leadership: Louis Wu

Deans' Recognition Awards: Hilary Shea Badger, Keerthana Rao Balusu, Alyssa Diane Barnea, Lauren Camille Boone, Kunj Chheda, Vasileia Christaki, Louis A. Fierro III, Kandasi Kalyse Griffiths, Felipe Guevara Aguero, Jenna Kathleen Houchins, Ashley Marie Pech and Gabrielle Mercedes Rogers

Fuqua EMBA HSM Leadership Award: Dhruv Choudhry

Keohane Leadership Award: Arya Diwase, Stephen Chinedu Ezekoye

Team Fuqua Award (MMS): Kenneth Beau Allen, Piper Lorraine Hampsch, Olivia Louise Kohan, Aakash Nankani, Adèle Clarissa Swanson

Team Fuqua Award (MQM): Alexia Berenice Torres Calderón

The Breeden Award in Finance: David Chioma, Hannah Lillian Deichman

Distinguished Service Award (MBA): Annie Moore Forrest

International Comparative Studies Program              

Capstone Research Prize: Grace Marguerite Endrud

Distinguished Thesis Award: Maya Ghanem

Journalism and Media Studies            

Melcher Family Award for Excellence in Journalism: Charlotte Kramon

Fischer-Zernin Award for Local Journalism: Chloe Mai Nguyen

Patterson Prize for Excellence, Leadership and Integrity in Journalism: Milla Surjadi


Julia Dale Prize in Mathematics: Aram Tabrizi Lindroth

Mathematics  Julia Dale Prize in Mathematics: Nguyen Nguyen, Jiaxi Zhang

Mathematics  Excellence In Research Award: Aram Tabrizi Lindroth, Luke Finley Triplett, Jiaxi Zhang

Karl Menger Award: Nguyen Nguyen

Excellence In Community Service Prize: Elaijah Roger Lapay

School of Medicine    

Brenda Armstrong Living the Dream Award: Braylee Nicole Grisel

Dean's Merit Scholarship: Mariam Mina Ardehali, Tamar Chukrun, Vikram Freedman Gupta, Ryan Joseph Kramer, Margaret S. Min, Charles Phifer Nicholson Jr., Sophie Evelyn Nick, Katherine Nancy Penvose, Albert Jacob Rechenmacher, Roshini Srinivasan, Troy Q'mars Tabarestani, Vishal Venkatraman, Eric Scott Warren Jr.

Dean’s Tuition Scholarship: John Lewis Atwater, Alexandria Mullikin, Ernest Neil Barral, and Prince Jeffrey Boadi, Alejandro J. Carruyo, Amanda Christina Del Risco, Julia Marie Denniss, Nicole Marie Diaz, Romel Joseph Holmes, Jr., Nia Michaela Mitchell, Mary Elizabeth Moya-Mendez, Jennifer I. Okunbor, Edwin Simeon Jusi Owolo, Camille Noelle Pierre, Chidyaonga Shalita, David Alexander Webb Sykes, Kenyon Wright and Marilyn Melelani Fryar Yamamoto

Humanism in Medicine Award: Prince Jeffrey Boadi

Palmer/GSK Award: Alexander Daniel Cherches, Sophie Evelyn Nick

Rauch Future Leaders Merit Scholars: Kristina Moriah Stenstedt Dunworth, Bronwen Emily Foreman

Unsung Hero: Stacy Meredith Goins


Henry Schuman Music Prize: Andrew John Fate-Bolognone, Julia Michelle Leeman, Joseph Cristofori Scarpa

Julia Wilkinson Mueller Prize for Excellence in Music: Julia Michelle Leeman, Aram Tabrizi Lindroth

Paul R. Bryan Award: Nina Zhang, Satya Yalamanchi

Ciompi Quartet Award in Chamber Music: Aram Tabrizi Lindroth, Jaewon Jung, Alexander Zhaokun Du, Allen Yiyang Zhang, Jean-Luc Pereira Rabodeau, Claire Yijun Li, Kenneth Kaishi Gong

Duke Symphony Orchestra Conductor's Award: Andrew S. Kelbley, Amira Axelle Arellano Miel, Spencer Samuel Schutz, Zachary Mathias Pracher

Office of the Provost 

Algernon Sydney Sullivan Award: Elaijah Roger Lapay

Global Health

Michael Merson Undergraduate Student Leadership Award in Global Health: Shanzeh Mishal Sheikh


Daphne Chang Memorial Award: Alexander Dun Yin Tong

Rodney I. McCormick Award: Alexander Christian Migala

Political Science          

Alona E. Evans Prize in International Law: Sanjit Beriwal

Elizabeth G. Verville Award: Koby Samuel Cohen

The Jerry B. and Callie Irene Stone Award: Frank J. Cejas Rodriguez

Ole R. Holsti Award in American Foreign Policy and International Relations: Robert Stefan Miron

The Robert S. Rankin Award for Leadership and Academic Achievement: Ruthie Ann Kesri

The Robert S. Rankin Award in American Government and Constitutional Law: Nicole Sara Rosenzweig

The Robert S. Rankin Award in American, National, State, and Local Governments: Kay Yanily Maldonado

Pratt School of Engineering  

American Society of Civil Engineers Outstanding Senior Prize: Sarah Ann Bailey, Grace Eunhae Lee

Aubrey E. Palmer Award: Sarah Ann Bailey

Marie Foote Reel Undergraduate Research Award: Arya Kishan Tschand

Charles Rowe Vail Memorial Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Award: Claire Yijun Li

da Vinci Award: Alexandra Leigh Hoffman, Benjamin Alfred Johns, Jonathan Caswell Piland

David Randall Fuller Prize: Ian Marcos Morales

Eric I. Pas Award: Sarah Ann Bailey, Annie Wollmuth

Edward D. "Ned" Light Memorial Award: Jacklyn Leah Herzberg

George Sherrerd III Memorial Award in Electrical and Computer Engineering: Andy Summers He, Sophia Marie Williams

Helmholtz Award: Joanna Rui Peng

Howard G. Clark Award for Excellence in Research: Anand Manohar Chundi, Dahlia Halabi, Selena Halabi, Jack R Kovach, Claire Yijun Li, Benjamin Charles Perry, Rajiv Sundar Raman, Bowie Nathan Shreiber, Mia Ellen Woodruff, Sophie Ru Wu

Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science Faculty Award: Benjamin Alfred Johns, Isabelle Warger Sanz

Otto Meier, Jr. Tau Beta Pi Award: Keith Alexander Cressman

Pi Tau Sigma Scholarship Award: Miranda Liu, William Joshua Guanzon King

Pratt School of Engineering Student Service Award: Kishen Mitra, Jack Stuart Rhodes

Raymond C. Gaugler Award in Materials Science and Engineering, Spencer Samuel Schutz, Raymond Kelly Lennon

Theo C. Pilkington Memorial Award: Jacklyn Leah Herzberg

Walter J. Seeley Scholastic Award: Brandon Kunjun Bae, Andy Summers He, Alexandra Leigh Hoffman, Benjamin Alfred Johns, Minjun Kwak, Jonathan Caswell Piland, Cathylin Wen Wang, Chengyang Zhou

William Brewster Snow Environmental Engineering Award: Sarah Ann Bailey


Karl E. Zener Award for Academic Excellence in Psychology: Priscilla La

Jerome S. Bruner Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Research: Caimiao Liu

Public Policy  

Terry Sanford Leadership Award: Grace Marguerite Endrud, Chloe Mai Nguyen

Joel Fleishman Distinguished Scholar Award: Grace Marguerite Endrud, Hannah Kate Galdes, Katherine Elizabeth Heath, Anisha Reddy

Best Honors Thesis: Christina Zemong Wang

Religious Studies         

Best Paper Award: Mariami Shanshashvili, Ruthie Ann Kesri, Christina Stewart Lewis

Romance Studies        

Guido Mazzoni Prize in Italian: Jacob Campbell Carnes

Richard L. Predmore Award in Spanish: Brooke Lauren Sevchik

Robert J. Niess / Alexander Hull Award in French: Rebecca Valerie Boss

The Paol Keineg Prize for an Honors Thesis Written in a Language other than English: Brianna Rose Cellini

School of Nursing        

Annie Beery Bieber Award for Outstanding Leadership Award: Sandra Okeke Bates

Ruby L. Wilson Excellence in Clinical Practice Award: Katherine Alexandra Sundt

Thelma Ingles Excellence in Clinical Expertise and Scholarly Activities Award: Iris Mayoral

Distinguished PhD Dissertation: Melissa Ann Powell

Outstanding DNP Scholarly Project Award: Chantal Howard


Ida Harper Simpson Award: Mackenzie Elizabeth Culp

Linda K. George Award: Amber Claire Smith

Highest Academic Achievement Award: Caimiao Liu

Statistical Science     

Outstanding Mentor of Undergraduate Researchers: Edric Cheuk Yin Tam

Statistical Science MS TA of the Year Award: Yicheng Shen. Honorable Mention: William Tirone

Statistical Science PhD TA of the Year Award: Yi Ji. Honorable Mention: Shariar Vaez-Ghaemi, Emmanuel Kene Mokel

Student Affairs               

Distinguished Leadership Award: Expanding the Boundaries of Learning: Robert Addison Sprung

Distinguished Leadership Award: Building Alliances Through Collective Engagement: Christopher Zollino Lloyd, Amber Claire Smith

William J. Griffith University Service Award: Outstanding Contribution to the Duke Community: Essence Renee Hughes

William J. Griffith University Service Award: Outstanding Contribution to the Durham and Local Community: Dedriek Jalisa Whitaker

William J. Griffith University Service Award: Outstanding Contribution to the Global Community: Chanté Davis

Duke Cornerstone Award, Undergraduate: Catherine Xia

Duke Cornerstone Award, Graduate: Trevor Sytsma

Theater Studies             

Award for Excellence in Acting: Emi Marie Hegarty (Read on D

Award for Excellence in Acting: Benjamin David Taylor Davies

Harold Brody Award for Excellence in Musical Theater: Sam Carpenter

John M. Clum Distinguished Theater Studies Graduate Award: Emi Marie Hegarty, Isabella Perle Mellody

Feldman Collaborator's Award in Memory of Kenneth J. Reardon: Yixuan Sun

Reynolds Price Award for Best Original Script for Stage, Screen, or Television:  Isabella Perle Mellody

Forlines Family Theater Studies Grant: Elise Mignonne Gutierrez

Award for Excellence in Design or Theater Technology: Yixuan Sun

Trinity College of Arts and Sciences                 

Bascom Headen Palmer Literary Prize: Shourya Agarwal

Louis B. Sudler Prize in the Creative Arts and Performing Arts: Emi Marie Hegarty (Read more in Duke Arts)

Undergraduate Research Support Office    

Student Team Grant: Angela Nana-Akua Darkowaa Addae, Brendan Simmons Kelleher, Jeehye Rose Lee, Taylor Corbin Parker, Dedriek Jalisa Whitaker