Duke Diary Dispatch: Starting Work in NYC

Duke student Khilan Walker will spend the summer working on child policy issues in New York

A head shot of Duke student Khilan Walker over a map of New York City

This week I start work with Sanctuary for Families in New York City as a Family Law intern, shadowing attorneys in this field and helping prep for trials and cases, through research, client engagement, and much more. I am doing this, because coming from a Southern Black family,  "I have been blessed to be surrounded by a loving family, that like all loving families, experiences ups and downs." This has helped me to understand the crucial role that family dynamics play in the success of not only children, but also adults."

My passion for child and family policy is what drives me, and I hope to advocate for and help as many families as possible this summer.  This summer is a leap of faith, in which I hope to go through incredible growth, while also helping those around me nourish.  I cannot wait to replace the mysterious feelings and unknowingness of my work with my summer partner with a concrete plan of action.