Lily Elman (sweater) and Emma Runia (maroon shirt) lead a “Signing 101 Teach-in” on Abele Quad as part of ASL Awareness days. Photo by Bill Snead

‘Signing 101’ Showcases the Richness of ASL

“Our interest was piqued after learning that the ASL house course led by the student club leaders filled within hours after opening on Duke Hub in the fall,” said Luciana Fellin, chair of the council. “Each Tuesday evening, registered and overenrolled students participate in the course even without receiving credit. This speaks to the passion and engagement of our students and to their interests.”

At Monday's session on Abele Quad, about two dozen students and community members followed the lead of students Lily Elman and Emma Runia (pictured top) as they introduced basic ASL phrases and grammar.

In addition to the lessons, the students organized film showings including the Oscar-winning “CODA,” and a talk by Swarthmore professor Donna Jo Napoli, a linguist and scholar of sign languages.

Students practice sign language during "Signing 101" lesson on Abele Quad Monday. Photo by Bill Snead.
Two students practice sign language.
group of students follow the lead of Lily Elman and Emma Runia.
photo of the full group of students taking signing lessons on Abele Quad Monday

Photos by Bill Snead/University Communications