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GoTriangle Temporarily Suspends Durham-Raleigh Express

Several alternatives are available while GoTriangle works to restore service in 2023

GoTriangle has temporarily suspended the Durham-Raleigh Express (DRX) bus route, which provides express service between Duke and downtown Raleigh and Carter-Finley Park and Ride due to a shortage of bus operators.

The last day of service is Friday, Dec. 9, but GoTriangle is working to restore service in March 2023.

In the meantime, here are several transportation alternatives for DRX riders:

  • Vanpool. While the DRX is out of service, GoTriangle will provide vanpool at no cost to DRX riders. Riders will not pay for the vehicle, or for fuel. As a vanpool, Duke will provide free parking to the vanpool, and riders will be eligible for other benefits. Riders interested in joining a vanpool should contact Chris Holloway with Commute with Enterprise,, 919-699-2480. Duke community members can also contact Duke Parking & Transportation Services.
  • Other GoTriangle transit options. Transit options recommended by GoTriangle all depart from the Regional Transit Center Park-and-Ride. GoTriangle Route 700 travels between the Transit Center and downtown Durham. Most trips will require a transfer in downtown Durham. For the 6:30 a.m. to 8:30 a.m. Route 700 departures from the Regional Transit Center, riders may stay on the Route 700 bus (no need to transfer) because the bus continues to Duke/VA as Route 405. At all other times, riders may transfer to Routes 400/405 to travel along Erwin Rd. For the return journey from Duke to the Regional Transit Center note that for all Route 405 afternoon trips, riders may stay on the Route 405 vehicle (no need to transfer) because the bus continues to the Regional Transit Center as Route 700.
    • GoDurham Routes 11 / 11B combine to provide 30 minute service to DUHS and the VA Medical Center.
    • GoDurham Route 6 provides hourly service to Flowers Drive.
  • Carpool. Duke community members can obtain a carpool parking permit. For a two-person carpool, riders share the full cost of an individual permit. For a three-person carpool, community members each pay $7.25 per month, and the carpool may choose from a list of premium lots. Apply for a carpool and see more details here.