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War in Ukraine: Ways to Help

Find international relief organizations mobilizing in Ukraine

A Ukrainian flag waving in front of a building.
A Ukrainian flag waving in front of a building.

Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine began just a week ago, the United Nations estimates that more than one million people have fled the country.

"Across the globe, more than 35 million people are dislocated right now, and the Russian invasion of Ukraine will only add to those numbers,” says Eve Duffy, associate vice provost for global affairs at Duke University. “The conflict also threatens to expand into additional regions, which will only lead to further loss of life and disruption.”

(Read her message to the Duke community.)

Here are some ways to support individuals in Ukraine and those displaced by the war, as international organizations respond to the escalating crisis and work to provide assistance. As more efforts arise, they will be added to Duke Relief Efforts website.

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