Sledding on Campus: Pictures from a Weekend Snow Day

aerial photo of snow covering Duke Gardens.

About two inches of snow covered Duke Gardens.

A late overnight snowfall Friday left the campus community waking up Saturday morning to the first significant accumulation of snow of the year. About 2 inches settled in around campus. At first dusty, the snow compacted during a cold Saturday morning, allowing students to start with the snowballs, build snowmen and of course, the sledding.

Students brought the sleds out on West Campus Saturday.

Students build snowman on West Campus in front of Duke Chapel

photos of snow fall on East Campus Friday night

Above, the beginnings of the snowfall Friday night on East Campus. Below, students came out to play at the first signs of precipitation.

Students jump into the air while playing in the snow on East Campus.

Below, Duke Housekeeping employees spread out across campus Friday afternoon prepping sidewalks in advance of the winter storm.

Duke grounds workers prep campus walkways Friday in advance of the snow.