Duke Endorses New National Initiative to Invest in Education Infrastructure for Underserved Communities

Investments include expanding broadband

The Minds We Need is a new initiative that aims to foster inclusion, innovation and U.S. competitiveness by investing in infrastructure for research and education and strengthening the nation’s broadband strategy, including software, tools, resources and professional expertise for underrepresented students.

Tracy Futhey, Vice President and Chief Information Officer, and Charley Kneifel, Chief Technology Officer, are among the more than 60 contributors to the initiative’s research paper, “The Minds We Need: Research and Education Infrastructure Inclusion, Innovation, and Competitiveness,” which is being endorsed by dozens of organizations including Duke.

“We believe in the power of education to transform lives, but that can’t happen without access. This is an investment in the minds of the future,” said Futhey.

Contributors to The Minds We Need want to reach underserved communities through a system of 3,900 accredited, degree-granting higher education institutions, ensuring that “there is a bridge to opportunity wherever there is talent.”

Noting that federal investment in research and education infrastructure is a national imperative, The Minds We Need action plan calls for a nearly $4.9 billion investment to extend capabilities to community colleges, universities and other minority serving institutions, enabling innovation while ensuring every student is connected in an “advanced digital fabric.”

Learn more about the initiative on The Minds We Need website.