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Tour the Duke Research Greenhouse

In this video, meet pitcher plants, Venus flytraps, cacti and succulents—just a few of the more than 800 unique species of plants that live in the Duke Greenhouse. The greenhouse contains plants from all over the world, many of them rare and endangered species, and has different zones providing specialized habitats for particular plants.

The Duke Greenhouse live plant collection consists of over 800 unique species of plants from all over the world, many of them rare and endangered species. The greenhouse has different zones dedicated to plants which are adapted to their own particular habitat and needs.

Join research horticulturalist Kristin Dimac-Stohl as she guides you through four of the greenhouse spaces with very different types of plants: carnivorous plants, the tropical zone, the xeric zone and the temperate zone. The greenhouse’s teaching collection is primarily used to support educational objectives of undergraduate courses and laboratories within the Duke biology department.

The plant collections also serve as an educational resource for school groups and plant enthusiasts.

You can schedule a tour of the Duke Greenhouse once COVID restrictions are lifted by emailing You can learn more about the Duke Greenhouse on its website. To see some of the plants on display at the Duke Greenhouse follow them on Instagram.