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A Duke Medical Student Musical Tribute to Health Care Heroes

This year, as part of the annual Duke Med Student Faculty Show, a medical student-run, student-performed musical that raises money for a local charity, the students created a special performance that was dedicated to our Healthcare Heroes titled “Everyday." 

The Student Faculty Show is traditionally performed on a Duke theater stage, but this year because of the pandemic, the show was redesigned to create COVID-safe spaces for script-writing, choreography, rehearsing, filming and video production. Despite these challenges, the program aired as the first-ever, fully-virtual Student Faculty Show. The cast raised $20,000 for El Futuro, a Durham organization that connects Spanish speaking immigrants with mental health services.

Behind the Scenes

Video Production Editor: Rick Melges

Performers: Alexa Campbell; Diego Galán; James Giarraputo; Alexis Harmon; Suzanna Joseph; Ameera Khattab; Caroline Labriola; Christine O'Connell; Edwin Owolo; Raquel Perry; Vishwas Rao; Carmen Rauh; Sydney Record; Emma Ryan; Nicole Schindler; Andreas Seas; Kunal Shah; Julie Thamby; Karley Whelan; Julian Xie; Gelila Yitsege and Alice Yu.

Choreographers: Nicole Schindler, Julie Thamby, Alice Yu

SFS 2021 Executive Board: Sonali Biswas, Will Pohlman, Michael Rosamilia, Lee Schmidt, Kassie Shannon, Jacob Sherba, Alice Yu

Music Production: Liquid 5th Productions