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Duke University to Increase Faculty Diversity, Campus Inclusion with $16M from The Duke Endowment

Part of the Anti-Racism Scholarship, Learning and Activism at Duke Series
West Campus aerial photo

A $16 million grant from The Duke Endowment will amplify Duke University’s efforts to recruit diverse faculty and develop programming that enhances an inclusive environment, President Vincent E. Price announced Thursday.

As part of Duke’s Diversity, Inclusion, and Anti-racism Initiative, the grant allocates $10.5 million toward recruiting and retaining diverse faculty and $5.5 million to support programming to increase the university community’s understanding of historical and current racism, to combat racism and to create a more inclusive environment.

“Increasing faculty diversity is a critical component of our efforts to advance racial equity at Duke, and this grant will help us recruit and support the faculty leaders of tomorrow,” said Price. “We are very grateful for the support of The Duke Endowment as we work to build an even brighter future for Duke.”

Through a model developed by Duke’s Office of Faculty Advancement, the university will provide funds to schools seeking to recruit underrepresented faculty. In addition, the office will enable training programs and resources for search committees to ensure that their searches are rigorous and inclusive. 

A second component will be the recruitment of diverse faculty in specific scholarly areas. Managed by an interdisciplinary committee appointed by the provost, this approach will connect faculty across schools, promoting community and intellectual synergies.

“The Duke Endowment is a wonderful partner in helping us achieve even greater faculty excellence,” Provost Sally Kornbluth said. “These funds will enable us to continue to build that excellence in all our academic programs across the university.” 

Additional university funding and private philanthropy will add to The Duke Endowment award.

“Duke University is committed to advancing diversity, equity and inclusion – not just for its own community, but for North Carolina and beyond,” said Minor Shaw, chair of The Duke Endowment’s board of trustees. “The Duke Endowment has been a partner in this effort for many years, and we are particularly pleased to support the university’s ambitious and inspiring plans to prepare a new generation of students and scholars.”

In addition to seeking to recruit more diverse faculty, the funding will help Duke create a more inclusive environment for faculty, students and the broader university community through a variety of education programs. This will include the enrichment of curricula in its schools, and enhanced community building among underrepresented faculty.   

On Thursday afternoon, President Price updated the Duke community on the school’s anti-racism agenda. This forward-looking plan includes funding for the expansion of the diversity hiring program, a comprehensive climate assessment to address disparities in the workplace, and the removal of a building name, among other notable initiatives.

Price’s message can be found on Duke’s new anti-racism website.  A media kit is available here.