Editor's Note: The Working@Duke Issue that Never Printed

The April-May 2020 issue, now available on the print archive, includes the cover story "Mental Fitness"

The cover story in the April-May 2020 issue of Working@Duke featured six Duke colleagues and their practices for mental wellness.

Dear Readers,

The April-May issue of Working@Duke was close to going to press when stay-at-home orders took effect in March, and many of us retreated to our homes, where we continue to work.

In light of the response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we did not print or distribute the issue to all staff and faculty. On March 12, we adjusted our editorial approach and shifted much of our focus to preparing, sharing and connecting Duke staff and faculty with accurate and timely campus information and resources on the Working@Duke section of Duke Today [working.duke.edu].

Looking through the pages of the April-May edition, you will find evergreen topics. The cover story, Mental Fitness, features six courageous Duke colleagues whom I interviewed earlier this year about their personal struggles. They provided their well-being practices and tools that help them with each day. Perhaps now, more than ever, their wisdom is the tonic we sorely need. Frozen in time, other pieces in the issue highlight special events, a reminder of the sacrifices we made to keep our community safe.

Due to the fast-changing crisis, we skipped the June-July and August-September print issues entirely but resumed the print publication with the October-November 2020 issue, which you will soon receive at home.

We decided to make available the April-May 2020 issue for historical purposes. I hope you’ll take some time to read it, reminisce and be reminded of the special place and people we’ll come back to again.

Stay well.

Leanora Minai

September 2020